What Does a Candleman Opportunity Cost?

Cash Required:$50,000-70,000
Total Investment:$200,000 Average Investment

Company Details

Franchise Units:62

Candleman Retail Franchise Business For Sale Information:

Two Unique Concepts

Candleman has 2 unique concepts. A Candleman Store Franchise and a Master Franchise.

A Candleman Franchisee

The successful Candleman franchisee is a partner couple who enjoys people, has a flair for home décor and can share their talents with fellow franchisees in order to grow the entire system. They enjoy the business, its elegant atmosphere of subdued lighting, mahogany and brass, its unique ambiance and the customers who are having a pleasant time shopping for something special for themselves or for that "perfect" gift for someone special.

Master Franchise Program

In 2002, Master Franchises were granted in Australia and New Zealand with the first stores in those markets now open. So far in 2003, we have granted Master Franchises in the U.K. and have expanded our Master Franchise program to include the United States, Canada other select countries.
The Candleman Master Franchisee program gives an individual the opportunity to develop and support 20 to 30 stores within a specified geographic market area for a fee of US $150,000 per territory.

Closer to home, plans are being finalized to offer Master Franchises regionally within Canada and the United States beginning this year. This program will grant to the Master Franchisee the opportunity to develop and support 20 to 30 stores within a specified geographic market area for a fee of $150,000 per territory.

The Power of Candlelight…

...some call it magical, some call it therapeutic, some are simply captivated by its beauty. Whatever the case, the popularity of candles has skyrocketed during the past decade.

Candleman began to capitalize on this phenomenon in 1992 with the introduction of the Candleman Store Concept- a finely focused, specialty retail franchise highlighting the world's finest candles and candle accessories. Candleman's approach to the store is simple, yet highly effective. They have combined a superior product mix with an environment rich in atmosphere, including: mahogany and brass accents, subdued lighting, an abundance of color, fragrant aromas, streamlined displays designed to maximize sales.

Candles have gone through quite an evolution in recent years. No longer thought of as a utilitarian necessity, they have become the "feel good" product of today.

Candleman is the only franchise retailer today that is taking full advantage of the huge growth experienced in the candle industry in recent years. Stores are one-of-a-kind candle boutiques, each offering a complete inventory of unique and exciting candles and accessories. In many cases, entire categories of merchandise, such as oil lamps and sculpted wax, are unique to Candleman. They have also partnered with some of the finest candle manufacturers to produce exclusive products that are available only at Candleman locations.

Over the years, they have worked to put together a team of experts with extensive franchise and retail experience and a comprehensive system of support. The Candleman System ties together every aspect of the business. Franchisor support includes advertising and marketing, group buying, POS computer support, merchandising and store presentation as well as lease negotiations and store pre-opening assistance, initial training to ongoing support received through the corporate network. Many support functions are updated daily on a high-tech internet Private Site available to franchisees only.

The Candleman concept is a unique and timely opportunity for qualified, confident people to realize their dreams whether it be one store or a Master Franchise. And, today is the perfect time to begin.

10 Years and Counting!

In the early 1990s, the United States retail market for candles was $300 million. Today it is over $3 billion.

There is virtually no other franchise opportunity that offers such a winning combination - a unique product mix coupled with a proven business structure that is organized, complete and timely in an exploding industry.

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