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Cardservice International is the industry leader in credit card processing. Get started for as little as $3200 with a 120-day money back guarantee.

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Recession Proof Industry


*Get into the ATM Industry *Home-Based *High Profit Potential with Residual Income *Unlimited Support and Superior Training *No sales or banking experience required *Practically Zero Overhead

Think of all the businesses in your area that sell products or services on a daily basis… Grocery stores, hair salons, restaurants, gas stations, travel agencies, a doctor\'s office and etcetera. In order for these businesses to "be in business" –don\'t they have to have the capability to accept credit cards, debit cards, checks and other forms of payment? How often do you use your credit cards, debit cards or ATM machines?

Imagine...An 11-year, debt-free company backed and supported by a 17-year company, which was recently acquired by the largest company in the electronic payment industry in the world today. Last year alone, Cardservice International processed more than 125 million transactions and over $12 billion. With extensive market research and development Cardservice of Virginia, the largest Independent Sales Office of 280 offices nationwide would like to introduce you to an extraordinary opportunity in the electronic payment industry. We are in the top 1% in this industry, even amongst our competition and this industry is an established $2 trillion industry and continues to grow...Over 21.89 percent in just the last four years! This is the perfect place to be in business today. Take time in reviewing all the alleged six-figure opportunities with empty promises and no guarantees and then speak with one of our Consultants. We spent over $1,000,000.00 in advertising, marketing and lead generation last year alone and we continue to spend $60,000 to $70,000 every month consistently.


The United States ATM industry is a $14 Billion industry. Did you know you can have 10 ATM machines for under $800.00? Guess what? You can! We\'ll even place those machines for you. With our program and networks you keep 100% of the surcharge! Why would you spend $30,000 to over $100,000.00 for an ATM Package with a company that has little or no history when you can spend $1,500 with a company that processed over $1.4 Billion in 2004, has over 11-years in the electronic payment industry, was acquired by a Fortune 50 company, has over five years of market research & analysis specifically in the ATM industry -and will enable you to break into the privately owned Automated Teller Machine Industry for literally...A fraction of the price of any package or program you\'re currently looking at? We\'ve designed a network of companies that allow you to go direct and reap the benefits by going through our company. Our company possesses the weight of a Fortune 50 company with unsurpassed buying leverage and in turn, we pass that savings directly to you.

From A-Z training, processing, ATM location placement & insurance to cash vault services...From top of the line equipment and the most reputable ATM manufacturers...And lastly, from extended warranties to delivery and professional installation rest assured, after you speak with our advisors you\'ll be cognizant of the industry and prepared to move forward on your own while saving a HUGE amount of money. It\'s just a simple matter of understanding basic principles. After all, this is a simple business, not rocket science.

We know this business and it's just that simple!


Everyday, consumers make over 3 billion purchases for goods and services electronically. Everyday, thousands of new businesses open their doors and by accepting Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and electronic check payments, they can increase their gross annual revenue (the money they make in a year) tremendously. Countless other businesses are dissatisfied with their current service provider and are paying much more than they have to for the same services you can provide.

There are over 25 million businesses in the United States.

You will be the person to set up new businesses and rescue existing businesses by offering them a complete line of products and services. From credit and debit card processing equipment, e-commerce solutions, check guarantee services, to simple lease programs, Cardservice offers a full range of the latest state of the art equipment and the strongest programs on the market today. You'll have complete support. By the way… By establishing only one business as a client, you can make immediate profits PLUS continuous profits or RESIDUAL INCOME each and every single time an electronic transaction is made! Even while you are sleeping!

Thank You for your attention and know that in the time it took you to read this, over 1 million electronic transactions occurred and people in this industry made money…

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