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Carpet Network Flooring and Window Franchise For Sale Information:

Carpet Network gives you nationally recognized brand name floor and window products your customers want -- Carpet and Area rugs, Window Fashions, new, stylish Laminate Flooring, plus Ceramic Tile, Hardwood Flooring, and Vinyl Resiliant. You get a VAST product assortment from Carpet Network!

Independence For You; Security For Your Family

Independence...Freedom…Control - The most powerful reasons to own your own business!

In a world of imitation, Carpet Network truly stands apart. Our "Traveling Floor and Window Store" brings you growing market trends, proven business systems, high ticket sales and an established industry. Owning a Carpet Network business means you take your store to the customer's home or business. Result: You get low overhead, affordable start-up costs and work-from-home convenience!

We do in home consultation the right way…

We work by this simple, indisputable truth: There's just no place like home to make important decorating decisions. It works better for the customer and for you, and it works every time!

Your customers love viewing products at home. It is better than buying in a store. Your customers want their home to look good. Selecting samples under their lighting conditions, with immediate comparison to existing furniture, draperies and accessories will always result in better decorating effect. It's easy and time saving, too!

And it's better for you. No costly fixed overhead. No long, demanding store hours. No, wasting time waiting for someone to walk in the door. Instead, you're out building your business and serving customers in their home.

10 Reasons Carpet Network is the Best Small Business Opportunity in America Today…
  1. Independence for you - No boss to tell you how to do things. No store hours to hold you back from serving your customers best - at their home or business.
  2. Security for your family - Carpet Network gives you the opportunity to build better income and business equity value.
  3. High Income Potential - Carpet Network is a serious, home-based business in a fast growing $30 billion industry.
  4. Low, Affordable Investment - Your cash required is less than $10,000 for franchise fee and start up materials, with Carpet Network financing!
  5. Additional Territory at low cost - If you want to build a larger business, we have a special program for you.
  6. Royalty Incentive for high sales - The more you sell, the lower your percentage.
  7. Technology Leadership - Thanks to our Franchise Advisory Council, and our wonderful team of franchise owners, Carpet Network has acquired the most advanced Internet technology available to small business owners anywhere.
  8. Carpet Network Global Website and your individual HomeTown Website will bring you customers. Internet surfing homeowners find answers they want about flooring when they visit Carpet Network's website.
  9. Carpet-Net, your own confidential Intranet system, saves time and makes your job easier. You will have instant access link to operating manuals, price lists, supplier notices, marketing and advertising information, and much more.
  10. NameBank Vault, eNetworking, eTouchMarketing, eManagemenTools and more technology are all there to automatically send messages and promotions to your customers; to give you telephone lists to follow up your best leads; to give you mailing labels for prospects or customers, and much more.
Follow The Money To Carpet Network…
In every business, there are only three things that affect the net profit you keep:
  1. Faster Sales Growth
  2. Higher Gross Profit
  3. Lower Expenses
Carpet Network helps in all three…
That's the benefit of a Carpet Network franchise - to help you get faster sales growth, better gross profit, and keep your expenses lower. Why take years trying to figure it out for yourself and make thousands of dollars in mistakes along the way?

Compare our exciting business to any franchise anywhere. I think you'll agree:"Carpet Network is the best business opportunity in America today!" - Leonard Rankin, president

The Best…
  • Products - Carpet Network gives you nationally recognized brand name floor and window products your customers want -- Carpet and Area rugs, Window Fashions, new, stylish Laminate Flooring, plus Ceramic Tile, Hardwood Flooring, and Vinyl Resiliant. You get a VAST product assortment from Carpet Network!
  • Marketing - New! Internet Websites and eMail. Grow your business faster than ever. Plus -- you get the best of traditional marketing with a complete Carpet Network Promotional Kit -- ad layouts, brochures and more. ONLY Carpet Network - world leader in new Internet marketing technology -- has it all!
  • Training - You learn more in less time! You don't need flooring experience to learn the flooring business. Your receive planned home study, "Carpet College" classroom, advanced Internet AND Intranet online technology, Toll-free support, plus national conferences and events. It's EVERYTHING you want in a comprehensive training program!
  • Support - Carpet Network is there for you immediately when needed. New Carpet-Net online Intranet technology makes it better than ever. Instant access, plus a Toll-Free Hotline -- both available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Carpet Network -- best support system in flooring!
  • Image - Credibility is important in any business, but it's CRITICAL in a Non-Store business! Carpet Network gives you a professional image to set you apart from competition. Local retailers require a store to get credibility. At Carpet Network you get image and credibility WITHOUT a store!
If you're not afraid to promote yourself and your business - just like other Carpet Network owners do every day - then you can be truly INDEPENDENT in a business of your own. You will feel freedoms no store owner can ever experience. You will be the boss, in control of your own hours. And every moment you spend promoting your business is one that helps make your family's future brighter.

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