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Create Solid Residual Income Each Month with Cashless ATM Machines
  • Most people have now heard about or seen Cashless ATM machines. The wave is HERE! Catch it today and enjoy the unique benefits of owning Cashless ATM machines across the U.S.A. And yes it is true: we are willing to match any competitor's reasonable price or transaction fee.
  • Cashless ATM Group is truly the "Costco" of the ATM industry. We are one of the top wholesalers of Cashless (aka Scrip) ATM machines. You may have seen flashy commercials or ads from other companies. We do not spend our resources on mass media advertising or sending out overnight information packages. As a result we pass those savings onto YOU, the investor.
  • We have some of the best locations for Cashless ATM Script machines. Places such as major fast food restaurants, 24-hour convenience stores, submarine sandwich shops, even bars, diners and other high traffic locations. We have commissioned locators positioned all over the country that provide us with new placement locations every week.
  • The benefits to you as an investor and owner of these machines are several. Tremendous tax benefits, no experience needed, monthly residual income, no employee headaches, a real home based business, low investment start up capital requirement and excellent potential for immediate return on investment!
Cashless ATM Group, L.L.C. is becoming one of the fastest growing wholesalers of Script Terminal ATM machines.

A scrip machine works like a traditional ATM except the Scrip Machine holds no cash. The Scrip machine prints out a receipt for a preset dollar amount (that the merchant controls) and the cashier then redeems it for products, services, and cash back for the customer. This allows the merchant to offer their customers the convenience of ATM service without the security risks or the refilling of cash like traditional ATMs.

Our turnkey operation includes equipment costs, installation, service, application fee, and of course the placement of the machine. Just like real estate, success with the Cashless ATM industry is all about location, location, and location. Upon installation the merchant is then able without any upfront cost, to begin offering the convenience of accepting ATM/Debit cards.

We are able to offer this program by placing a small surcharge, usually from $1.50 to sometimes as high as $4.00 on each transaction, depending on location and type of business. The scrip customer pays this nominal fee and a portion of the surcharge is then shared with the merchant.

With Cashless ATM's everyone benefits. The merchant wins by expanding revenues without tying up capital and the scrip machine owner wins by earning a residual income each month from each transaction fee.

The facts about ATM usage overall are staggering. More than 71% of all U.S. households currently use ATM cards and over 80 million consumers can't even qualify for a credit card.

So why do so many people use ATM/DEBIT cards today?
  • Debit card offer more convenience over checks
  • People like to carry cash on hand
  • No late payments or the high interest rates of credit cards
  • 50% of spouses do not carry checkbooks
  • Finally - for every person carrying a credit card there are eight people carrying ATM cards
Merchants have known the benefits of ATM's for years. Although many have been hesitant to have one in their store due to the large upfront investment and liability of stocking it up with cash. However, the strong benefits of an ATM on the premises without question are very appealing to the typical business owner:
  • No more chasing down hot check writers with collection agencies
  • ATM machines create more impulse buys due to extra cash in hand. Thus more revenue is created
  • Creates an additional income stream for the merchant
  • An ATM brings new customers in the front door
  • Payments are guaranteed - There are no charge backs with an ATM
Here are the other primary benefits why Cashless ATM's are now so appealing to merchants today and why so many are choosing to partner with us:

How much does a Cashless ATM cost the merchant?ZERO - its Free.
Does the merchant have to sign a lease?No
What about parts and labor?Free 24 Hour replacement
Does the merchant need a dedicated phone line?No
Can the Cashless ATM issue coupons?Yes
Are the any hidden fees?No
Is there 24-hour customer service offered?Yes
How fast does the merchant get paid?Daily
How long does it take to install the machine?7-10 days from ordering

Cashless ATM Group has the locations that want a scrip machine right now. Do you want to own these machines that will pay you month after month after month?

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