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If you are interested in sharing the successes you have had with the low carb lifestyle, and would like to open and own your own business, then this i

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The biggest and the best!

The partners of Castus Low Carb Superstores opened their first store in the San Francisco Bay Area in 1999. After spending 3 years and countless hours perfecting the model of a successful business using the Low Carb Retail Concept, Rick Schott and Paul Chalupsky started Franchising Castus Low Carb Superstores.

The name CASTUS comes from the Latin words "clean and pure".

We are the oldest, largest, and most experienced franchisor in the dedicated low carb retail category. With over 50 Franchisees to date, and 15 stores open, Castus Low Carb Superstores is clearly the leader in Franchising Low Carb Retail Stores. With Franchising operations started in Canada, Castus Low Carb Superstores is now international, and is well on the way to reaching the goal of 5000 stores open world-wide by 2008. When considering a Low Carb Franchise, be very sure to insure that the Franchisor has significant experience in opening and operating their own Low Carb Retail stores. Be sure to ask for the names of several franchisees that have not only purchased a franchise, but have opened their store, to truly get an idea of the support the Franchisor actually provides. When you do the research, you will find that the only company that meets these criteria is Castus Low Carb Superstores!

When considering a franchise ask these questions:
  • How many franchisees do they have?
  • How many open stores do they have?
  • How long have they been in business?
  • Can they give you at least 5 Franchisees to call?
  • Have they completed the Trademark Process - thus insuring no legal issues for you in the future?
Castus provides the most comprehensive support in the market today:
  • Group advertising dollars - which can lead to lesser advertising costs, greater exposure for your ad dollars, or both.
  • Running your own business and making day-to-day decisions yourself, guided by our experience whenever you need it.
  • Your own, protected territory.
  • Volume purchasing power as a member of a group of retail franchisees, versus buying goods as a single owner.
  • Association with, and access to, service marks, trademarks, proprietary information, patents and designs.
  • Systemic training from experts, at our facility and at your franchise store before and after opening.
  • A Castus field representative assigned to your store, whose job it is to assist you in any way necessary to build your business.
  • Assistance in financial and accounting matters, as well as ongoing support from our corporate office.
  • A lower risk of failure and/or loss of investment than if you were to start your own business from scratch.
In summing this up, opening a store under the Castus Low Carb Superstores System is clearly the best choice for anyone who wants to make a business of helping others through the Low Carb Lifestyle!

Whatever your reason to pursue your own Low Carb business, we invite you to join us in spreading the message of health attainable through this lifestyle by opening your own CASTUS LOW CARB SUPERSTORES!

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