Classic Door Conversions

Classic Door Conversions Business Opportunity Information:

Classic Door Conversions dealers transform interior and exterior doors into beveled works of art in about an hour.

The Door Conversion Business
The only company of its kind in the US, Door Conversions is an industry leader in the door conversion business within residential homes. The business offers a high quality "one-stop" door remodeling service with over 20 plus designs at very affordable prices. In over five years of business, proprietary systems, tools, and techniques have been mastered, allowing dealership business owners a proven and successful system that has been tested in various economic conditions.

Door Conversions dealership business owners operate a time-tested business in an untapped market consisting of 1.2 billion doors within the U.S. Door Conversions has one of the most complete product offerings in the market today, and with access to technical training, set-up tools and guidelines, start-up assistance and marketing applications, Door Conversions dealership business owners also receive comprehensive support.

Door Conversion's Market Potential
1.26 Billion Doors! Have you heard of a dealership company offering a product with a market cap in the BILLIONS? Not only that, but in an untapped market? Door Conversions is the only large-scale business network tackling the door conversion market. This provides a huge "first mover" advantage.

Stability and Growth Potential
With homeowners constantly seeking new ways to improve the appearance and increase the value of their homes, Door Conversions is virtually an economy-proof business. This is especially true considering Door Conversions' low price point compared to more expensive remodeling.

Technical Training and Ongoing Support
With or without industry experience, a dealership business owner and their management team will be able to operate a Door Conversions business the day they graduate from Door Conversions' Technical Training Program. A wealth of information, tools, and systems are taught to the new dealership business owner, preparing them to operate the business day today. Following the training program, the dealership business owner is ready to serve their customers in their own exclusive territory.

Exclusive Territories
Many dealership companies don't give any exclusive territory rights to their dealerships In fact, some stop at assigning only the physical address that the dealership business owner purchases. With a Door Conversions dealership, business owners receive a protected, exclusive territory. Only one Door Conversions dealership business will be granted in each predefined territory. The territories are defined using the number of housing units and the median household income along with other factors per U.S. zip code. Territories are assigned at the beginning of the business relationship.

Further Support
Door Conversions' staff will spend one week at the dealership's business assisting them during the launch to ensure a successful start. Past this date, the Door Conversions staff is always available to answer any questions. This way, dealership owners are in business for themselves, but never by themselves.

Marketing tools and resources are also provided to help dealership owners launch an efficient and cost-effective marketing campaign. Included in the Door Conversions Operations Manual is a complete marketing plan accompanied by countless marketing tools, including: Product Catalogs, Brochures, Customized Web site, Direct Mail Postcards and Coupons, and much more.

Owning a Door Conversions Business
The total investment required ranges from US $65,500 to US $120,000. Of this amount, there is a US $25,000 (or $.12 per home) dealership fee, which gives the dealership business owner the exclusive right to use the protected logo, trade name, and systems in their exclusive territory. This dealership fee will also include all, 20 plus, panels for display in the retail store. Training will be extremely important which is why we have two weeks of training tied into the initial dealer investment. The remainder of the investment (40 to 60%) goes toward the dealership's business. This portion covers everything from computers to showroom, equipment, inventory and tools.

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