Collision On Wheels Intl.

What Does a Collision On Wheels Intl. Franchise Cost in 2020?

Cash Required:$50,000
Net Worth Required:$100,000
Total Investment:$80,000 - $90,000

Collision on Wheels Franchise Information:

Previous Experience is Not Necessary to Own Your Own Mobile, Onsite Services Business in the Automotive Industry!

Collision on Wheels, Inc.® fills a unique and high-demand segment of the automotive repairmarket. We specialize in repairing vehicles at the customer's site.

We bring a fully-equipped van and a trained automotive collision technician right to the customer, where the work is done, onsite and to the customer's satisfaction.

Previous industry and business ownership experience is not necessary to join us.

Our professional staff will support you every step of the way with complete sales, management and technical training. We even provide all of our franchisees with a professionally maintained customer call center and we book all of your customer appointments for you so you can concentrate on building and growing your business. No automotive background is needed to own a flexible, mobile business in this booming industry!

A Unique and Innovative, High-Demand Concept

At Collision on Wheels, Inc.®, we've reengineered traditional body shop services for minor vehicle damage. Our unique technology enables paint problems and dents to be repaired in a single day, on-site and out-of-doors -- while maintaining the quality of the vehicle's original surface. Our products and services include:
  • Dents & Small Scratches
  • Bumper & scratch repair
  • Chip repair
  • Lease turn-ins
  • Small collision work
Demand for Our Services

There's Massive Market Most vehicles on the road today have suffered some form of paint damage, whether it is chips, scratches, bumper dents, scrapes, or cracks.

Collision on Wheels, Inc.® certified technicians are trained in techniques and processes that result in excellent repairs at a cost-savings our retail customers can appreciate.

Why repaint an entire panel or replace the entire bumper cover when a professional spot repair will do the job at a fraction of the cost without customers having to take their vehicle anywhere?

Our primary market is retail service for individual car owners but we also service fleet managers and car dealerships. By offering mobile services, Collision on Wheels, Inc.® saves our customers hundreds of dollars, compared to a traditional body shop.

A Proven and Supportive Business Awaits You: No Experience is Necessary

Our professional staff will support you every step of the way with complete sales, management and technical training. You don't need to have any experience or background in the automotive business. And when you introduce your Collision on Wheels, Inc.® business to consumers in your area, we'll be there with you. You'll learn first hand, from the pros, how to sell the quality and competitive advantages, and overcome any obstacles. That's the kind of support you can take to the bank!

Interested parties should have at least $50,000 to invest.

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Please Note:

Collision On Wheels Intl. is currently accepting inquiries from the following states: Wyoming, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Washington, Vermont, Virginia, Utah, Texas, Tennessee, South Dakota, South Carolina, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, Oregon, Oklahoma, Ohio, New York, Nevada, New Mexico, New Jersey, New Hampshire, Nebraska, North Dakota, North Carolina, Montana, Mississippi, Missouri, Minnesota, Michigan, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Louisiana, Kentucky, Kansas, Indiana, Illinois, Idaho, Iowa, Hawaii, Georgia, Florida, Delaware, Washington, D.C., Connecticut, Colorado, California, Arizona, Arkansas, Alabama, Alaska.

Collision On Wheels Intl. is also currently accepting inquiries from Canada.

Interested parties should have at least $50,000 in liquid capital to invest.

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