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Color Seal Wax No More - Business Information for the Auto, Marine, and Aviation Industries:

Do you really want to earn $100,000 per year & more?
Are you willing to invest $15,000 in yourself?

Color Seal Wax No More System is a process that protects all painted and fiberglass surfaces for the auto, marine, and aviation industries. Most of our owners do NOT wash, wax, or detail any cars, trucks, boats, or airplanes…not even those earning $100,000 a year. They hire and manage applicators that do the actual work.

Our Color Seal Wax No More System is a two step process. First, using our special solution (not sold in stores) and our industrial applicator, we de-oxidize the finish surface.

Step two, using another special solution (not sold in stores) Polyterafluroethylene (PTFE) is applied with our industrial polisher. This produces a mirror gloss finish that has a one year warranty in writing. No other "wax detailer" offers a one year written warranty.

Income Potential
By doing only 2 medium size vehicles per day yourself, 4 hours per day…5 days a week…you will NET $1,440 PER WEEK…$72,000 PER YEAR.

Our distributors with teams/crews of applicators doing multiple vehicles per day are earning substantially more. Example: 3 teams of 2 applicators doing only 3 vehicles per day…after all costs would net $1,026 PER DAY OR $5,130 PER WEEK! You'll earn even more on trucks, SUV's, vans, boats, etc.

As a Color Seal distributor, you can operate as a mobile service from your home with virtually NO overhead, or you can choose to operate from a shop location. Your applicators are hired as Independent Contractors, paid by the job, NOT salaried employees. This means more profit for you, PLUS many tax advantages.

Your $15,000 investment includes everything you need to operate the business, including enough product to earn you $40,000 - $50,000 in PROFIT, before needing to reorder. Plus, we'll also provide you with five days of training at your location. We will also also assist in setting up corporate accounts for you, so you'll start earning money immediately.

If you're serious about owning your own business, willing to invest $15,000 in yourself to earn $100,000 a year or more, and ready to get started in 30 - 60 days, Color Seal may be right for you. The next step is yours.

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