ColorChef Custom Painters

What Does a ColorChef Custom Painters Opportunity Cost?

Cash Required:$121,250 - $162,500

ColorChef Painting Franchise Information:

You\'re smart.
You\'re experienced in matters of business and management. You\'re well funded and you do your homework. You know a good thing when you see it. You\'re skilled at analyzing a market, sensing its needs and pouncing on profitable opportunities. You understand how important commitment and passion are to successfully reaching your goals. You\'re an entrepreneur.

ColorChef wants entrepreneurs.
We want entrepreneurs because they\'ll understand why customers in the lucrative $100 billion dollar home services industry are begging for a better way. We\'ve heard what customers in the painting market have been pleading for, and our track record positions us perfectly to deliver the goods. Now we need high achievers to take the ColorChef concept to the masses.

You\'ve been around the block.
So have we. In over 35 years of doing business, we\'ve seen how painters work. That\'s why we\'ve been so incredibly successful. We developed painting systems and procedures in direct contrast to the unreliable and unprofessional ways of the painting world surrounding us. It works. And it pays handsomely. Now the famous ColorChef process that works for customers can work for you.

The game has changed. The players have not. It\'s a beautiful thing.
We\'ve seen it all. While there are many "painting" franchises to choose from, the truth is that customers are fed up with the results most of the time. And to be honest, we don\'t blame them. But after they experience the ColorChef painting process, it\'s a whole new ballgame. We\'re told over and over that the difference between ColorChef and other painting companies is night and day. Our referral record speaks volumes. When you own a ColorChef franchise, you\'ll have the same process working for you. You\'ll also be hearing the same cheers and cashing the same big checks.

You don\'t have to do the painting work yourself.
We don\'t want you to buy a ColorChef franchise so you can spend time painting. We want to train and work with intelligent franchisees that can manage and grow a business. That\'s how you succeed. That\'s how you prosper. If you\'re an entrepreneur you already know that. We are on the same page. It\'s a recipe for success. Let\'s start cooking!

You\'re not buying a painting franchise. You\'re seizing a lucrative business opportunity.
ColorChef is not about painting. ColorChef is about filling a void in an industry on its knees and begging for a better way. That\'s the genesis of success in business, any business. Ours happens to be residential and commercial painting. At the end of the day, your decision to invest in a ColorChef franchise should be based on the notion that it makes good business sense. The need exists. The market is vulnerable. The organization is enthusiastic, experienced and properly structured to never lose sight of its purpose. The training, support and processes are proven. The team surrounding you shares your talent. The timing is right.

A well-funded, business-savvy, entrepreneur skilled in management will recognize the value of ColorChef. Not as a painting franchise, but as a golden business opportunity rich with promise and glimmering with limitless potential. Act on your instincts. Invest in ColorChef. Add another successful chapter to your life\'s work.

Message From The President & Founder

"I have been in the painting business for 25 years. My dedicated son, Anthony, Jr., has been in it for 10 years. Together, we have 35 years of all-encompassing experience. We know the painting business inside and out. Our depth of knowledge is the backbone of ColorChef. For both Anthony, Jr. and myself, ColorChef is much more than a passion. ColorChef represents the heart and soul of who we are. I encourage you to join us and enjoy the ColorChef experience."

- Anthony J. Chieffo, Sr.

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