Crabby Bob's Seafood

What Does a Crabby Bob's Seafood Opportunity Cost?

Cash Required:$800,000 - $1,500,000

Company Details

Incorporated Name:Grandy's Restaurant

Crabby Bob's Seafood Restaurant Franchise Information:

Who is Crabby Bob?
Crabby Bob's is named after an imaginary fisherman, Bob, who has traveled the world, loves fresh seafood and wanted a place to kickback and enjoy food with his friends.

Crabby Bob's restaurants, known as the "Home of Seriously Fun, Fresh Seafood", are freestanding, located in heavily traveled areas, range in size from 5,500 to 9,500 square feet and seat approximately 200 customers. In addition, each restaurant has a "Blue Lagoon Lounge" which also serves food.

Crabby Bob's locations are generally open from 11:00am to 11:00pm and feature a daily menu of fresh fish.

Crabby Bob's Menu Strategy
This full-service, seafood concept offers a variety of fresh fish, crab, lobster and ribs in a relaxing and comfortable setting. A large variety of fresh fish is prepared several different ways, i.e. grilled with Cajun spices, Hawaiian marinade or a citrus ginger sauce, offering the customer unlimited possibilities.

The company believes Crabby Bob's fun and energetic atmosphere, coupled with excellent quality seafood and an extensive menu, appeals to a wide range of customers.

The average dinner food check is $21.00 per person. The average lunch check is $14.00 per person. Beverages account for approximately 15% of revenues.

A Word From Crabby Bob Himself
Many people around the world know me simply as Bob. I've been around and I've been around awhile. At first, I may seem a little odd, but once you get to know me, you'll see I'm just a regular guy who's decided to do things in life a bit differently then most. I extend this same philosophy to the runnin' of eating & drinking establishments.

It seems to me that the socializin' is always most memorable when we're munchin' on great food and sippin' tasty beverages. Here a while back, I noticed that whenever I was home and I'd leave my boat, I couldn't find a place that satisfied my needs. Don't get me wrong - my needs aren't finicky or unusual. I actually think they're kinda simple. But nonetheless, no one place seemed to be good at satisfyin' the bulk of 'em. So, I decided to create a new type of place that folks like me could treasure.

I created a fun place called "Crabby Bob's Seafood." Long ago, I swore to my first fishin' vessel crew that someday I'd name one of my businesses after the affectionate nickname they came up with for their skipper (that skipper, of course, was me!). I'm actually so cheery compared to other skippers, that they call me "Crabby Bob" as a joke. Most of my crew knows that they had better get up pretty early in the mornin' and have a strong cup-o-joe in order to deal with my high-energy spirits. Now, just as I have a fleet of different kinds of fishin' boats for different places and different needs, I'm building a fleet of different restaurants, each one aiming to satisfy different needs in different areas.

Bob's is a relaxing and comfortable meeting place to rejuvenate friendships, and where guests will experience gracious service, enjoy great food, sip tasty beverages, laugh, smile & feel good!

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