Cubic Cosmetics

Enter the exciting world of cosmetics with this very affordable opportunity from one of the leading cosmetic companies in the world.

Cubic Cosmetics Mall Kiosk Information:

Quality Cosmetics at Affordable Prices

Welcome to the exciting and colorful world of Cubic Cosmetics.

Cubic Cosmetics has been providing the most glamorous and finest cosmetics for our customers since 1996, through our innovative production line. We have steadily grown to become one of the leading cosmetics companies with competitive prices and high-quality items for our customers.

Our cosmetic items have been gaining in public favor among the young generations. We've recently expanded our business worldwide by launching new products on the market & enhancing our existing product line to meet the constantly changing trends of our customers.

The Cubic Cosmetic products are perfect for Mall carts and kiosks or community markets. The products appeal to women of all ages, but have an especially strong attraction for 'Tweens' and Teenage girls. We at have put these products through an extensive market acceptance evaluation and have determined which products offer high volume and fast turnover. Priced to be attractive and very competitive, we can now offer you a complete starting set-up which includes:
  • One month's supply of products
  • Display cases, mirrors and stands
  • Banners and drapes
  • Business forms and directions on getting started
  • Lists of equipment and services needed
  • Suggested retail price list
  • Estimates of costs and potential profits
Cost for a full set-up kit= $3000
Cost for first month's supply of products= $4000

We can also provide a private label brand, if you're interested.

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