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Are you a people and dog lover, with the determination to set the trend, & become an industry leader in your area? Dog Training In Your Home Franchise

Dog Training In Your Home Franchise Information:

Established in 1989 in Charlotte, North Carolina, Dog Training In Your Home developed a comprehensive business plan that soon lead us to dominate the industry in the Charlotte region. From the first dog we trained to today's clients, we pride ourselves on quality service and training methods that are not only humane but very effective.

Educated Trainers

In many cases our clients desperately need our services to work. Many trainers feel they know it all, one method for every dog. We say "Education keeps our staff leading the pack." Our trainers undergo serious training every quarter. They are required to learn many ways to solve behavioral problems and teach commands. Our methods are fluid and flexible, adapting to owner and dogs individually.

Our Unique Approach

Our unique approach is simple; train the dog in the environment where he spends 95% of his life: home. We start our dogs by first evaluating each one prior to training and then custom molding a program around that dog. We then teach the dog and owner in their home until they act as a team. Our private training is then followed by group classes.

A Proven System

Our company has a long standing and proven track record. We offer a complete business operations plan and complete training and support. Most dog training schools offer limited training experience and limited business advice. Our company will guide you through all aspects of business operation; everything from learning to train dogs to professional marketing.

There's really no secret to owning a successful Dog Training In Your Home franchise. We provide all of the components, knowledge, and training methods to best suit your clients and their dogs. Even if you've never trained a dog, our "Dog on Top" program and step-by-step instruction can help you establish a business that is challenging, rewarding, and filled with loving clients and their human companions.

Excellent Training

The secret to your success is the quality of your services. Dog Training In Your Home will teach you the methods used by our trainers to provide the best quality service. Your training will not only include classroom instruction but also training with professional trainers at customers homes. Before your operation is up and running you will not only understand all of the aspects of training the dog but you will also fully understand customer relations and how to put it all together to ensure the success of your business.

Once your initial training is complete and your business is running, we will periodically visit your location to make sure that your business is viable and meeting your needs. We'll be there to help with any questions and assist with marketing and training.

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If you are a people and dog lover, with the determination to set the trend, and become an industry leader in your area, Dog Training In Your Home would like to add you to our team.

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