Dollar Blitz

What Does a Dollar Blitz Opportunity Cost?

Cash Required:$100,000 - $250,000

Dollar Blitz Stores Franchise Information:


Dollar Blitz is a retail franchise company that operates a chain of franchised "dollar" stores throughout North America. Unlike most of the other major players in the industry, Dollar Blitz operates "true" dollar stores, meaning their entire product line retails for only $ 1.00.

Dollar Blitz opened its first store in November 2001 and it now has 30 stores in operation and another 60 stores under development, Dollar Blitz is becoming a major player in the dollar store industry.


The Dollar store business is one of the most dynamic concepts in the retail industry. Over the years, it has evolved from the "five and dime" version from years back, to the various modern day version of the "dollar" store that we know today. What started out in lower-income and older street-front locations, has emerged to the point that dollar stores are now opening in major shopping malls and new big-box centers. The biggest reason for this rapid increase in the amount of dollar stores is that it now targets customers from all income and social levels. Nowadays, pretty well everybody shops at dollar stores!


Dollar Blitz is one of the very few dollar store chains that offer franchises for individuals. Most of the other chains run corporate stores and do not offer franchises. This allows everybody the chance to benefit from this biggest boom in the retail industry, the demand for dollar stores! Our stores are easy to operate, and we provide you with a full turn-key store after you have completed our training. We will assist in site selection, lease negotiations, store design, construction, and your opening order for inventory.

  • Dollar stores are extremely easy to operate
  • Constant cash-flow
  • Benefit from our buying power and product selection
  • Flat-rate royalty
  • Local Area Manager support
  • Dollar blitz stores have a proven track record
  • Dollar store industry is recession proof
  • Extremely low operating overhead
  • High quality store design
  • Our overall marketing strategy
Not only is the product selection incredible, the store design and layout is much different than what people expect when they enter a dollar store. Dollar Blitz store designs changes people's perception on what a dollar store should look like and it allows for a very pleasurable shopping experience. It also eliminate peoples perception that shopping at dollar stores is only for low-income families, as people from all walks of like are shopping at Dollar Blitz stores.


Items such as cosmetics, house-wares, stationary, greeting cards, tools, batteries, home-cleaning products, party supplies, tableware, glassware, cookware, baby products, toys, and pretty well anything you can imagine, are available for sale for only $ 1.00 at a Dollar Blitz store. Brand names such as Coke & Duracell are regular product lines at a Dollar blitz store.


Dollar Blitz is now accepting applications for franchises across North America. Master franchise is also available.

Please complete the email form below for more franchise information.

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