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What Does a eAuction Depot Franchise Cost?

Cash Required:$50,000 - $79,990

eAuction Depot Franchise Information:


eAuction-Depot has grown 800% in franchise sales the 4th quarter of 2006 and is poised to open 75-100 stores in 2007. We work with our franchisees one step at a time to help them understand the basics of the $34 billion eBay Industry: Efficiently researching, photographing, describing, and posting your customer\'s valuables in an eBay auction. We excel in providing a much higher level of service and value in your "Store In A Box" turn-key system. Here are SPECIFIC examples from our franchisees:


Yvonne Musson was a Superintendent with Ford outside of Atlanta. She gave up her $100,000 salary and invested her severance package to open an eAuction- Depot store. She was impressed with our service. "The corporate staff helped us through each step. Neil (National Marketing Director) gave us reports on traffic flow in our area, wages per household, and made appointments with leasing agents with properties in our budget. Joe (Company President) met us at each location and helped us pick the best spot. We love the visibility in our shopping center. Because there was a slight delay, Joe got us four months free rent, instead of the three he had negotiated," said the happy franchisee.

eAuction-Depot Difference: Corporate executives travel at our own expense to secure your lease--- competitors do so via phone and e-mail and can\'t effectively advise you without site visits. Due to leasing relationships and negotiating skills, we\'ve never gotten less than 90 days of FREE rent for our franchisees.


Jeff Henninger loves the eAuction-Depot system so much he bought two franchise stores in the Houston, Texas area. "I like how efficiently my stores run and the support I get. I expect to open stores in the entire state of Texas," said the former IT specialist for Reliant Energy. Henninger is on pace to start doing $40-50,000 worth of monthly sales. His two full weeks of training at the corporate headquarters in Georgia and at his store in Texas were invaluable. Allan Moore, eAuction-Depot\'s Director of Franchise Operations and another associate spend a full week on-site installing the store and reviewing classroom training. Franchisees get to work on our custom software that saves time in listings, photo editing, check writing, and other management functions. During training, Allan and his team ensure all interior and exterior signage are installed along with all computers, photography equipment, and our coded shelving system. At installation, franchisees receive more than 200 other items to set up their store system like furniture, shipping supplies, and much more.

eAuction Depot Difference: Part of your classroom training is spent at our corporate stores and training center, observing real-time customer interaction and software training. Many competitors simply have "training centers" not operational corporate stores. At your site, our installation/training team stays up to one week—while some competitors install their system and leave a cell phone number for future communication. With our "store in a box," you receive everything to open AND even receive a three month supply of key shipping and office supplies. There are no hidden, extra charges.


Michael Sheehan is a professional salesperson/investor. What surprised him the most was the void in the South Carolina market for eBay drop-off stores and he jumped at the chance to open an eAuction-Depot store in the state\'s capitol, Columbia. He hired a previous retail manager and will contribute to the store\'s revenue by utilizing his business to business liquidation contacts. "During training, I was amazed at how much energy was put into showing us how to go get customers in the community instead of waiting for them to come to us--- and I also liked the support material we receive," said Sheehan. Our sales department teaches you how to secure auction items through three other revenue streams: business overstock, community fund-raisers, and the purchase of liquidated goods.

eAuction-Depot\'s sales and marketing department is the best in the industry as evidenced by the combined 100 plus years experience in the News Media, Graphic Design, Television Production, and Sales Management fields.

eAuction Depot Difference: You receive more than 5,000 FREE brochures, business cards, and fliers to distribute to your customers and in your community. Our marketing department is your "in-house ad agency." You get a custom press release distributed to your local media, FREE creative time for print ads, and a choice of several existing ads, fliers, postcards, and commercials, with your contact information added.


Many of our competitors will speak of minimum investments and reasonable royalty percentages. There are no hidden charges with eAuction Depot. Our overall franchise fee is less than $79,990 and our royalties are a flat fee. We use a graduated scale from $400 to $800 to $1,200 per month over the life of the 15 year agreement. The franchise fee includes the use of our name and branding for the life of your agreement, use of the custom software, your 200 item store in a box system, up to two weeks of training, and extra service in the areas of Site Selection, Training/Installation, Marketing, and Computer Support. Royalties are never in percentage form because we don\'t believe it\'s fair to charge you a percentage if you auction your own personal property or buy liquidated merchandise.

eAuction Depot Difference: Once you reach typical monthly revenues ($40,000) your royalty flat fee ($1,200) ends up about 1/2 as much as some of our competitor\'s royalty percentages (6% or $2,400). Highly successful franchisees can get a 1 year ROI (Return on Investment) from the start up costs. With our system, expect to earn an average of $6,000 profit and up per month after six months, based upon earning 35-40% commissions/shipping profits on $40,000 of total sales (All results are based on the franchisees ability to excel in our system).


We consider our foundation a lot like our colors: Blue (Stability) and Orange (Inspirational). Single mom Amy Cooper founded eAuction-Depot after success as an eBay trading assistant. She used her customer service and appraisal skills to open the first eBay drop off store in Augusta, Georgia. She inspired partners with operations, sales, and marketing experience to join the team. Our system was perfected on two more corporate stores, before we launched our franchise concept at an eBay Live convention. Now, eAuction-Depot is offering you a fun opportunity to open a retail store with no expensive inventory to order! You sell your customers\' hidden treasures on eBay. You act as a bridge between your clients and about 200 million registered shoppers on eBay. The next step is simple. Please fill out all fields on the simple form and a franchise support specialist will begin the process with exemplary customer service. eAuction-Depot is a great investment and a wonderful owner/operator opportunity. We live by our Golden Rule, "Have fun, make money, live your dreams."

What about the eBay drop-off store concept interests you? (include notes in comments section below)

Please note: this franchise is not accepting inquiries from AZ, CA, CO, ID, MO, NE, MN, OR, UT, WA, WY or outside the United States. Interested parties should have at least $50,000 to invest.

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