EnergyCraft Systems

What Does a EnergyCraft Systems Opportunity Cost?

Cash Required:$55,200 - $121,400

EnergyCraft Systems Franchise Information:

An EnergyCraft Systems franchise gives you the tools to profit from the increasing cost of energy while providing money saving products and services to non-residential building owners.

An EnergyCraft System contractor is a member of a franchised network of specialty contractors established nationwide to provide design and installation services to metal building contractors and designers. Our specialty contractors design, install, service and guarantee a full line of HVAC/Insulation products for non-residential buildings. This new franchise opportunity will allow you to design and install energy efficient metal building products for little or no added cost when compared to traditional methods. These EnergyCrafted buildings have utility costs of up to one-half of the typically constructed metal buildings that utilize less efficient designs and products.

With energy costs expected to double and triple over the next few years, we have a solution you need to see. The benefits of utilizing an EnergyCraft franchise will quickly become apparent to facility managers and owners. Contractors and architects already know that their clients want-and will buy-, an EnergyCrafted building. The benefits of utilizing an EnergyCraft franchise will quickly become apparent to facility managers or owners. We will also assist you in optimal energy efficient design, sales proposals, advertising and marketing programs, code compliance issues, and will train you to develop a strong sale and installation crew.

Consider a Few of the Benefits of an EnergyCraft Systems Franchise:

  • Lead Generation Program
  • National Marketing Programs
  • Ongoing Product Development
  • National Brand Recognition with a Local Presence
  • Franchise Training, Service and Support
  • Introduction to an Exploding Market

Franchise Support Services

EnergyCraft Systems training covers all aspects of the franchise day-to-day business operations. Initial training begins at our corporate office where you will learn the EnergyCraft business system sales and marketing program, accounting, and legal issues using the Franchise Operations Manual, Next, at our training facility you will receive specialized hands-on training on insulation, and HVAC appliance installation best practices. Ongoing training is available throughout the year either at our training facility.

Business Start-Up Assistance
Business Advisors provide assistance in location selection, checklists of necessary permits and registrations, and make recommendations for inventory, equipment, and fixtures in your business.

90-Day Launch Program
The first 90 days of operation are critical to a franchise's success. EnergyCraft Business Advisors assist the Franchisee in developing and implementing a 90-day business plan, which takes them through this crucial period of business start-up.

Business Advisors
The EnergyCraft Systems management are a staff of seasoned professionals specializing in metal building industry businesses and marketing. They are able to assist franchisees in all aspects of business development and operations.

Franchise Support
EnergyCraft provides technical support to EnergyCraft franchisees to assist in servicing their customers. Technical Support includes in-depth product knowledge to support the franchise in sales and customer service.

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