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FRANACCEL expends enormous time, effort, and resources in identifying those concepts that appear poised to become the household names of tomorrow.

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Financial requirements for this opportunity:
Liquid Capital:$2,500 - $500,000
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“Business ownership is one of the wisest decisions you can make.
FRANACCEL helps you choose the business wisely.”
FRANACCEL Client, Successful Concept Operator and Developer

FRANACCEL expends enormous time, effort, and resources in identifying those concepts that appear poised to become the household names of tomorrow. Only these businesses are introduced into the FRANACCEL portfolio. Why start anywhere else?

To be part of FRANACCEL, a Business Must Have 3 Essential Ingredients:

1. Operate in an Attractive Market and Trend: An Expanding, Durable Market
  • MARKET APPEAL – Does the market offer the opportunity for strong returns?
  • MAKET TREND – Is the market in an expanding and durable trend?
  • BUSINESS LIFE CYCLE – Is the concept at the right stage to capitalize on the market and trend?
Example: TechsRX - Technology is becoming increasingly important in the lives of general consumers. And it is essential in the undertaking of a successful business. The spectrum from performing household tasks to growing a vibrant organization depends largely on the correct utilization of the right technologies. Everything from household media centers and appliances, to computers and Internet applications is becoming critical to every day life. The trend towards increased technology use appears it will only increase. But we sometimes forget the level of service and education required to take full advantage of these great technologies. Welcome to TechsRX.

2. Brand Appeal: A Strong Solution to Market Opportunity Match
  • VIABLE SYSTEMS – Do the systems employed by the business give operators a great chance for success?
  • BRAND COMPATIBILITY with TARGET CUSTOMERS – Do core customers identify strongly with the brand?
  • BRAND DISTINCTION from KEY COMPETITORS – How is the business differentiated from other alternatives?

Example: Chih’ua Tacos y Cortes - The market trend in dining has been towards fresh, casual Mexican food for several years – making it the largest market in this segment in America. A new market is emerging to compliment and eventually replace this trend, which is the “fresh, casual, modern-authentic.” Combined with modern and appealing décor, this market appeals to the power of the Latino buying dollar, while delivering other demographics anxious for quality, exotic dining options. Imported directly from its dominant position in Northern Mexico, Chih’ua ® is leading this trend. In a recent study of brands in Northern Mexico, a major radio station study concluded that Chih’ua ® could not benefit from traditional advertising in the market because brand appeal and loyalty were already so high. Only a handful of brands received this distinction.

3. You: Not willing to miss out on another “next big thing...” Key Characteristics:
  • “WISDOM” – Will you make wise operating decisions?
  • “WILL” – Is the success of the venture deeply important to you?
  • “WORK-ETHIC” – Will you put in the effort required to reach the desired results in the business?

Every business endeavor is influenced by those who undertake it. A strong market and trend, viable and distinguished systems, and a differentiated service are core ingredients for success. But these ingredients must be acted upon by wise, willing, and work-conscious individuals. The marriage of a strong market and brand with individuals who are not afraid to act boldly, who are able to think clearly, and who are anxious to work diligently is the best recipe for a highly successful venture. And a high level of success is the goal. A business must be able to appeal to these types of people of people to be part of FRANACCEL.

For the Best Concepts, Markets Fill Quickly. Take Charge Now.

For opportunity seekers, FRANACCEL helps you cut through the noise and focus on some of the best opportunities. And FRANACCEL's services are FREE to you. For those wanting to grow their organization, FRANACCEL delivers the type of growth you desire while helping you focus on delivering incredible training and ongoing service to your licensed operators. The result is a pattern of growth that is more vibrant, a service system that is more responsive, a brand perception that is healthier, and an organization that is more likely to thrive well into the future. And this is ideal for both management and licensed operators.

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