Gatti's Pizza

What Does a Gatti's Pizza Franchise Cost?

Cash Required:$399,825
Total Investment:$1,332,750 - $5,610,500

Gatti's Pizza Details

Total Units:39
Year Founded:1969
Franchising Since:1969
Franchise Gator Top 100 (2018); Franchise Gator Top Emerging (2018)

What Is Gatti’s?

One of the most beloved names in the pizza industry targets 300 locations open by 2022

For almost half a century, Gatti’s has been serving up delicious food and delivering family fun to pizza lovers in communities across the country. Our passion for pizza began in September 1964 when Mr. James Eure opened The Pizza Place in Stephenville, Texas. In 1969, he moved to Austin and opened “Mr. Gatti’s” as a tribute to his wife’s maiden name.

Gatti’s evolved through the decades to become the thriving brand it is today. Much has changed in 50 years, but the most important things have stayed the same. We’re still following the recipes and causing new cravings to be born every day.

Americans love pizza, eating 23 pounds a year!

Our product is second-to-none and made with the freshest ingredients: fresh-packed tomatoes only four hours from harvest and steam-peeled; dough made fresh by hand daily and allowed to rise twice; and Provolone cheese reminiscent of the flavor our customers grew up with.

We pride ourselves on taking the customer experience up a notch. Our family-friendly game rooms and midway arcades offer entertainment that Mom and Dad can trust. We only allow “family-safe” video games (no person-on-person shooting or violence) in our restaurants.

“We’re unique in that we are committed to the quality of the food and the quality of the experience for the family overall,” says Scott Kelly, Vice President of Technology and Entertainment. “We really believe in the family value and that family experience along with providing great food. We want all ages of the family to have a good time together.”

Bring Gatti’s to your town

We’re looking to partner with entrepreneurs, restaurateurs and investors who want to bring our iconic and legendary brand to their community. You can request more information by filling out the form below, or keep reading to find out more about our humble beginnings and how we’ve become the brand we are today.

We are targeting 15 states for expansion across the Southeast and Midwest with a franchise growth and development campaign. With two business models, Mr. Gatti’s fast-casual restaurant and our tried-and-true Gatti’s Pizza family buffet with Midway arcade, there’s a Gatti’s franchise that fits in most any market. Our goal is to grow to 300 locations over the next five years.

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