GEOMAT Patented Car Wash Systems

GEOMAT™ Patented Car Wash Systems Licensee Information:

GEOMAT™ Patented Car Wash Overview
The GEOMAT™ Patented Car Wash Systems are based on a unique permanent three-layer mat appropriate for semi-permanent and permanent facilities. This system elevates workers above the water on an OSHA-approved non-skid work surface allowing water to run off and be pumped into an optional holding tank. Made from state-of-the-art materials, this system will withstand even the strongest chemicals used in automobile, marine, and aviation wash and refinishing applications.

Numerous cases have been documented of what initially appears to be harmless vehicle washing, causing severe surface ground and well water contamination. What actually occurs is the continued cleaning in one area, results in the build-up of low levels of contamination to dangerous levels over a period of time. Over time, this high level will reach ground and potable water. Therefore, auto detailing is a focused industry of the EPA and regulations regarding wastewater containment.

In 1995, the inventor and founder opened his first GEOMAT™ Patented Car Wash System on a parking deck of a high-rise office building. His services included pick up and delivery of the vehicles, and he quickly found a niche among busy executives who wanted to get their BMW's, Mercedes Benz's, and other sports cars cleaned and detailed while they worked. Having built and sold GEOMAT™ Patented Car Wash Systems since then, the founder realizes that having a "captured market" such as office buildings, shopping malls, auto dealerships, and other places where multitudes of cars and owners are located in one spot, is a very lucrative business. The GEOMAT™ Patented Car Wash System is easily installed, environmentally safe, and can be installed at a location with "built-in" clientele - a "captured market." The GEOMAT™ Patented Car Wash System is now packaged and ready for you to realize your dreams of running a successful business and accumulating wealth.

GEOMAT™ Patented Car Wash Features:
  • Elevated non-skid work surface
  • User-friendly. Fast, easy installation
  • Meets continuously strict EPA regulations
  • Easy to relocate
  • Custom Designed to your business specifications
  • Long-lasting materials
  • Optional pump and holding tank
  • Low maintenance
  • Economical and environmentally friendly
  • Engineer-tested to withstand 266 tons per square foot
  • In most cases, no permits required
  • Ability to work in tandem with recycling systems, conventional evaporators or sewer discharge systems
  • More cost effective than installing a concrete-based system

Benefits of becoming a GEOMAT™ Licensee:
  • Complete Turnkey Business in your primary location
  • "Captured Market" is tried and proven
  • Warranty on GEOMAT™ for as long as you are a licensee
  • Confidence in being compliant with the law
  • Option to purchase additional GEOMAT™ Patented Car Wash Systems for a discounted price
  • Enough chemicals for the first 200 car washes
  • Shipping cost of initial products included
  • Cash Business
  • Marketing information package to assist you in finding a location

GEOMAT™ Licensee Package Includes:
  • Building and contact information
  • Lease agreement
  • Electric and water requirements
  • Sample car wash menu
  • Custom banner with company name included
  • Marketing ideas
  • Insurance contact

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