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The Grades Up Tutoring Franchise is a dream opportunity for entrepreneurs wanting to make a difference or for state-certified teachers to earn more wh

Grade Up Tutoring Franchise Information:

About Grades Up Tutoring

Grades Up offers a premium tutoring system for reading and math for students in grades K-12. The program includes an incentive program that keeps the students motivated to learn. The Grades Up team has been in the tutoring business since February, 2001. Our technical staff has developed a program that allows children to achieve academic success. Our goal is, and always has been, to provide the highest quality program available. We believe that is exactly what we offer each and every one of our students.

Our math program includes Algebra I & II and Geometry. Each student's program begins with a diagnostic test to identify the student's skill gaps. By comparing the test scores to the school district's requirements, we can identify an exact starting place for our tutoring. This means we never tutor the student on material they have already mastered. This also puts the parents or guardians in a position to make a fully informed decision about tutoring.

Grades Up is a premium tutoring program. Our track record proves it!
  • We tutor Reading, Math and Study Skills.
  • Our Math program includes Algebra I & II and Geometry.
  • Our scientifically based program is tutored by State-Certified Teachers
  • Our ratio of students to teachers is 3:1. We believe this to be the perfect ratio. One on one tutoring often leaves the student feeling the teacher is hovering.
  • Our incentive program keeps the students motivated to attend each class.
Grades Up Franchise Opportunity

Tutoring has grown into a $4 billion industry. This is the result of parents that want the best for their children. These parents want their children to be qualified for the best colleges. Therefore, for-profit tutoring centers are opening up at a rapid rate across the country. Industry experts say that one in every four students in preschool through high school receives some kind of tutoring. The tutoring business has grown at the rate of 12 to 15 percent the past four years. Experts see no end in sight.

Grades Up offers franchises for two different channels of business:
  • Parent Pay locations - Grades Up has exclusive franchise territories.
  • In-School locations - Grades Up has special franchise agreements for In School government sponsored locations. Grades Up has No Child Left Behind certification in Colorado, Missouri and Oklahoma and has submitted applications to Arkansas, Kansas, Louisiana, Nebraska, New Mexico and Texas. In areas where certified, Grades Up will offer In-School franchises.
Each of these franchises will be for one specific school year. Grades Up franchises require an investment of $91,468 to $104,328.

Marketing Support

Grades Up develops marketing programs for radio, print and direct mail. We provide you with materials that give you the professional image you desire. Our marketing team will help you decide which kinds of advertising will work best and be the most cost effective for your market.

Site Selection

Grades Up franchisees must select a site that is mutually acceptable to the franchisee and Grades Up. Grades Up gives each franchisee a five mile radius exclusive territory. Our franchise agreements are constructed to support co-operative advertising in multi-franchisee markets. Grades Up believes Learning Academies should be opened in shopping areas that offer parents other things to do while waiting on their child\'s tutoring session to conclude. Grades Up has found certain kinds of shopping center neighbors to be most helpful in increasing walk-in traffic.


Grades Up has developed it\'s "Dashboard" computer system to help franchisees maximize their business opportunity. The system allows each franchisee to input their daily data into the program. The program then provides "key indicator" information that helps the franchisee determine the next best steps to improve their business. Grades Up has also developed a database system that helps you organize each student\'s personal information. Grades Up also offers an Intranet system that hosts documents, manuals, forms, pictures, lists, discussion groups and surveys.

Training And Support

The Grades Up support team will train each franchisee in business operations and the premium tutoring system. Initial training takes place at our corporate headquarters. Multiple visits will be made to the franchisee\'s business location during the first year of operation. After the first year of operation, our Team Leaders will regularly visit each Grades Up Learning Academy to assist as necessary and review best practices.

Franchisee Qualifications

A potential franchisee must have a successful background in sales, marketing and/or education. The successful franchisee must quickly develop market knowledge. The successful franchisee must have a strong desire and the ability to think around corners. These skills, combined with our premium system, are a winning combination.

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This is a dream opportunity for entrepreneurs wanting to make a difference or state-certified teachers searching for a way to earn more while staying with their chosen vocation.

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Grades Up is currently accepting inquiries from the following states:

Alabama, Colorado, Kansas, Louisiana, Missouri, Nebraska, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas