Hangin' Outback with Dingo & Friends

Hangin' Outback with Dingo & Friends Children's Party Business Opportunity Information:

Hangin' Outback with Dingo & Friends is the place where "We entertain the most important people in the world...your children".

Hangin' Outback is a mall-based, children's entertainment and activity center involved in the "edutainment" of kids. Children enjoy an outback adventure with their friends Dingo, Dango (Dingo's Dawg), and Zackaroo while participating in a wide variety of supervised children's activities. While children are visiting Dingo and Friends, parents can go shopping with the peace of mind that their children are having great fun in a very safe, very secure, well supervised, wholesome environment.

Our business is driven by a universal love of entertaining and educating children. Our business partners have the opportunity to benefit from our experience. We have resources, experience and expertise to help you run your business because we are in the trenches at our corporate owned stores everyday.

Benefits to the children you serve include:
  • A clean, safe, and secure environment
  • Hands on educational and entertaining activities
  • Opportunities for developing large motor skills through climbing and active play
  • Social development through interaction with our mascots
  • Learning to follow directions by participation in Dingo's Walkabout, a life size board game.
  • Relaxation while watching a movie in Dango's Den

Why Hangin' Outback?
  • Consistent Management Team - The Hangin' Outback with Dingo & Friends management team has many years of successful business management.
  • Successful Business Model - The Hangin' Outback business model is based on solid marketing studies with a strong plan to meet market needs.
  • Philosophy and Culture - Although we are in the children's "edutainment" business, we are really in the people business. Our success depends on the quality of the experience which our customers receive during their visit.
  • Startup Assistance - In addition to your training and support, Hangin' Outback with match dollar for dollar your marketing costs up to $50,000.
  • Location, Location, Location - Location cannot be stressed enough. We assist you in finding the ideal location with a conservative strategy seeking "A" or tier one sites. Hangin' Outback with Dingo & Friends stores are located only in power centers with the appropriate demographics.
  • Construction and Design - Hangin' Outback stores are colorful, clean, fun, inviting and designed for a superior customer experience. Your Hangin' Outback franchise comes completely decorated and ready for business.
  • Computer Systems - Our retail information system is a state-of-the-art software and hardware system which is provided with the store.
  • Training and Support - A comprehensive training program is provided on the operation, merchandising and management of a Hangin' Outback store. The management training is provided on site as well as off site at one of our pilot stores, before you ever open your doors. A complete set of manuals and procedures are provided covering everything from hiring through emergency procedures and everything in between.
  • Merchandising - All merchandise is supplied by Hangin' Outback. An expert corporate team supplies our stores with detailed product placement diagrams and updated merchandising techniques.
  • Inventory - The Hangin' Outback Corporation benefits from high volume buying power. We provide the best merchandise selection and planned merchandise reordering, complete with terms that our store can live with.
  • Operations - Our joint venture partners receive regularly updated comprehensive operation procedures used in all parts of our stores along with 24-hour access to Hangin' Outback management team and support.
  • Advertising and Marketing - Hangin' Outback provides various forms of advertising in your area, ranging from broadcast and print media, posters, to point-of-sale signage. We provide public relations campaigns, advertising and promotional materials and local market print fulfillment programs with full-service direct mail capabilities.

What it takes to be a Hangin' Outback joint venture partner:
  • A love of retailing with a passion for entertaining children
  • A commitment to superior customer service
  • A strong work ethic, with a positive outlook and desire to be successful
  • A desire to be your own boss
  • A full time commitment to building and developing the Hangin' Outback with Dingo & Friends joint venture

Hangin' Outback with Dingo & Friends areas and joint ventures now available!

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