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HOT Choice Food Vending Business Opportunity:

Act NOW to Get Involved in the ONLY Automated Mini-Restaurants in the Marketplace!

Get in on the Ground Floor of the Next Big Thing with HOT Choice® Systems!

KRh Thermal Systems, Inc., Kraft Foods®, and Tyson Foods® are proud to introduce the most innovative food delivery product ever to hit the market. The HOT Choice Automated System is the world's first fully automated food delivery system that provides hot, delicious meals in approximately 90 seconds. These machines provide an inexpensive and virtually maintenance-free way to offer foodservice options to patrons, guests and employees.

Why Distribute HOT Choice Dinners?
  • 24/7 Hot Food System: Be among the first to provide hot food offerings 24//7 with this automated system. No labor required!

  • Consistency: The patented technology delivers consistent quality when cooking every menu item, with reliable performance, 24 hours per day, 7 days a week!

  • Leading Consumer Brands: HOT Choice Diners can prepare a menu of favorite branded offerings that your customers will know and love, including Tyson® BBQ Chicken Strips, Tombstone® Pizzas, Oscar Mayer® Mini Hot Dogs, Oreo® Brownies, Kraft® Macaroni and Cheese and much more!

  • Quick Service: The patented technology provides a frozen to freshly cooked meal in approximately 90 seconds! Truly an amazing technology!

  • Automation: No labor required to cook -- only to restock and collect money!

  • Broad Menu Selection: This is the only automated diner that's versatile enough to cook a wide range of products-from sandwiches to pizzas to chicken strips to desserts…and the food tastes great!

What We Offer
  • Exclusive Territories: HOT Choice distributors are granted exclusivity within various territories throughout the United States.

  • Technical Training: Technicians for HOT Choice distributors receive extensive product training during an intensive three day course designed to ensure a thorough knowledge and understanding of all aspects of the machines. Additionally, a team of service managers are accessible 24/7 for all urgent needs.

  • Brand Affiliates Support: In partnering with some of America's favorite brands, your machines will benefit from the marketing know-how and support and field assistance from Kraft® and Tyson, two of the largest food companies in North America.

  • Placement Lead Generation: Placement leads in your territory will be routed directly to you from our sales and marketing team.
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