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Franchise Qa With Ceo Of Hometask Brands Jerrod Sessler

Who is the ideal Franchise Partner?

Someone with a passion for making money as well as a true desire to see people get healthy and be their absolute best. It is important to have a strong desire to make money as well as to help people. These two work to support each other and to keep the momentum moving for the business which ensures the community around Hot Feet Fitness will continue to be more and more vibrant with each year that passes.

What is the development plan for Hot Feet Fitness?

HFF has a new app that will drive a lot of growth for the brand in many ways. HFF will also increase in community studios. Each new Franchise Partner will develop a number of studios in their region based on the number of people and an ideal number of studios for the area. All of the studios in the region will be owned by the same Franchise Partner. So, new Franchise Partners need to be business minded and growth-oriented as they will be responsible for keeping up with a development schedule for their region.

How do I make money as a Hot Feet Fitness Franchise Partner?

The income for the HFF studios is primarily recurring membership income but there are also other areas of income including retailing, rental fees, and, special events.

How long does it take to build and open a Hot Feet Fitness studio?

It depends upon the location but it can take as little as a few months to open a studio. Locations with more construction versus renovations may take longer.

Will my first studio be profitable before I am required to open another location?

HFF has a comprehensive marketing plan and partners that, if closely followed, will yield enough revenue to cover rolling costs the first month the studio opens and then it will continue to grow. Repayment of the start-up costs happens over time but new Franchise Partners should plan to reinvest heavily over the initial years as more and more studios are opened to fully support the region.

What will the major expenses be to open a Hot Feet Fitness studio?

The studio build or renovation work will be the largest expense but there are other expenses as well. Those include staffing, equipment, insurance, and, marketing.

How do I get started?

You must begin by signing a development agreement which will include the development capacity and requirements for the region. At that time, you purchase development rights to a certain number of locations. As a result, you will not have competitors within your region. You can then turn your focus to development, finding locations and getting your first studio open!

What if I just want to open one location?

Unless you live in a region that will only support one location, we are looking for Franchise Partners that will assume the development role for their region rather than having many different owners in each region.

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