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HealthWest, Inc., innovators in the burgeoning MedSpa industry, now offers to the qualified business professional, limited franchise offerings, availa

Inaara MedSpa Franchise For Sale Information:

Join the $10.7 Billion Spa Industry

HealthWest, Inc., innovators in the burgeoning MedSpa industry, now offers to the qualified business professional, limited franchise offerings, available immediately.
  • Franchises available to both non-medical and medical professionals
  • Complete, professional solution for franchise entrepreneurs
  • Rapid growth, high profit MedSpa industry
  • First to market "brand name" opportunity
HealthWest's, Inaara Franchising program far outdistances common place "business development" plans or "licensing programs". Step by step documentation contained in the Inaara MedSpa's Uniform Franchise Offering Circular details the roles of both franchisor and franchisee, a literal "Blueprint" for the successful partnership.

The MedSpa Industry?

"The new Fountain of Youth is at the strip Mall. These anti-aging boutiques are popping up all over the country and you'd be surprised at who's trying to look younger". - CNN

"MedSpas have grown 133% in the last five years - the highest growth rate of any spa type". - International Spa Association

"No other firm in the MedSpa industry has figured out how to pull off a national MedSpa program". - Dr. Martin Luban, CEO MedSpa Alliance

"Cos-Medical" procedures in a Spa Environment

Millions of woman and men annually are spending billions of dollars in the anti-aging industry. Non-invasive, recurring, cosmetic medical procedure sales are growing at an unprecedented rate. HealthWest's Inaara franchise concept takes the most sought after, highly profitable, modern skin care procedures out of the typical medical office setting, and smartly places them in a comfortable and accessible retail store, creating a unique marketing environment for the seasoned entrepreneur.

Inaara MedSpa Services
  • Laser Hair Removal addresses the problem of unwanted hair, a predicament faced by eighty million men and women in the United States. Traditional methods like plucking, waxing, and shaving have proven insufficient in addressing this problem as hair removed from these methods grow back. A HealthWest MedSpa Franchise uses the latest state-of-the-art laser technology that assures permanent hair reduction. Laser hair removal has become so popular that approximately 50% of hair removal clients are men.

  • IPL Photorejuvenation is a non-invasive treatment that eliminates skin blemishes without disruptions to the skin surface. Using the highly advanced Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) technology, photorejuvenation treats a wide range of facial concerns safely and effectively, such as broken blood vessels, rosacea, age spots and other skin blemishes.

  • Botox is a highly effective, non-surgical procedure that works to relax the two major muscles in the forehead by blocking nerve impulses that trigger wrinkle-causing contractions. The treatment reduces the toughest wrinkles within 7 days. A ten minute treatment delivers dramatic results that last up to 4 months.

  • Microdermabrasion is an exfoliating procedure that revitalizes the skin's appearance. A stream of very fine crystals is directed through a handpiece onto the skin to loosen the layer of dead skin cells. Also known as the "lunchtime peel", one session takes 30 minutes with no recuperation time and minimal side effects.
Inaara is currently offering opportunities in the following states:

An Inaara MedSpa is an exceptional retail medicine franchise opportunity. To the experienced and qualified entrepreneur, a professionally operated MedSpa represents both high income and rapid growth potential. Find out how you too can be one of the first, if not the first, to market in your area as an owner of an Inaara MedSpa.

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Inaara MedSpa is currently accepting inquiries from the following states:

Wyoming, West Virginia, Vermont, Texas, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, Oregon, Oklahoma, Ohio, Nevada, New Mexico, New Jersey, Nebraska, Montana, Mississippi, Missouri, Massachusetts, Kansas, Indiana, Idaho, Hawaii, Florida, Delaware, Colorado, Arizona, Arkansas