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What Does a Ink Re-Phill Opportunity Cost?

Cash Required:$115,000 - $149,000

Ink Re-Phill Cartridge Recycling Franchise Information:

We're franchising our experience in the inkjet and toner cartridge recycling business. We don't refill cartridges, we simply sell more of them. That's the difference between us and the others in our field.

Up To 50% OFF Retail - If You Haven't Yet... You Will.

Welcome to Ink Re-Phill. We're franchising the results of several profitable years experience in the inkjet and toner cartridge recycling business. We've been on both sides of the table, operating as franchisees and franchisors of this niche market phenomenon.

What a phenomenal business, too. Ink and toner cartridge (inkjet, laser, fax, copier, etc.) recycling, refilling, and replacement started in the late 1990's (the "aftermarket"). By 2000, Lyra Research, the preeminent industry research organization, estimated that the worldwide market for digital imaging supplies was just under $60 Billion. And the North American market represented a sizable portion of that, with over $10 Billion in 2004. But by January 2006, they upped their projections, "We now project that worldwide sales of digital imaging supplies will be just shy of $120 Billion in 2009." The North American cartridge market breaks down to about 77% Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) supplies; then about 23% for replacement products (our market). Even at that rate, recycling, recharging, refilling, and replacement shops are only getting about 1% of the available market share. Ink Re-Phill offers you great growth potential.

Here's the difference. You don't refill cartridges, you simply sell them. We don't want you to become a "techie" and learn about all the mechanical parts of each inkjet and laser cartridge, then fill them in the back of your Center. You simply purchase the best remanufactured, recycled, compatible and even OEM cartridges available from our sources. Eventually, we plan on having our own central depot for refilling cartridges. As we open more franchises, we'll begin remanufacturing our own inkjet and toner cartridges, for even greater savings—for you and your customers.

Our Business Philosophy. Location, location, location.
We are local players. We're just around the corner, down the block. That's what we want customers to think about your franchise location. We help you examine the local market to find a good location, with a good market surrounding you. We sell to consumers and commercial businesses. We're "B2B" and "B2C." That's because you're local.

We have a better business model. We have the product, the service and the system. We're looking for owners with energy and a positive outlook. We help people save money, recycle and solve their ink & toner problems. It can be fun and profitable, and it takes work. We sell for less without sacrificing quality. The key to our business model is service and quality at a better price. We build relationships, not just retail sales. We want repeat business, so we invest ourselves in our customers needs. You don't have to know everything about inkjet or laser printers, fax machines or copiers... because we show you where to find the answers. That's what your customers want.

We expect you to "own" an area about 3-5 miles around your location. Of course, you need to have the Center "manned" during operating hours (usually 5½ days a week), but your "real" work is getting to know your community, and getting your community to know you. We work in groups: Civic, social, fraternal, municipal, religious, sports, school, and any other bunch of folks who have common interests that end up in some fashion as visual expressions or memories. They're all printing something all the time. And all we want is to be there just in time to sell them replacement ink & toner cartridges.

Think Ink Re-Phill - We can show you how to become the local "guru" of ink.

We don't try to be too technical. We just want to be the first thing customers think about when it's time for an ink or toner cartridge of any kind. We wanna be "top-of-the-mind" 10 blocks away from your front door. Why? Cause 33% of buyers buy from the same place they bought last time, 23% of buyers are looking for a sale or good deal on cartridges from some place, and 6-16% are gonna buy from the next place they see that sells ink cartridges.

Training & Support.

Of course, we have a complete franchise package:
  • Site Assistance
  • Initial Training
  • Operations System
  • Field Support
  • Full-Time Encouragement
We are your personal business coaches for success with Ink Re-Phill.
What's Next?

We have a distinctive national look. An inviting interior. Eye-catching signage. All we need is you. Fill-out the information below, and we'll send you our brochure. Then we should meet in person. You're gonna love Ink Re-Phill.

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