JitterSwing Dance Clubs

What Does a JitterSwing Dance Clubs Franchise Cost?

Cash Required:$24,500 - $47,500
Total Investment:$24,500 - $47,500

"Where America Learns To Dance!"

JitterSwing Dance Clubs Franchise Information:

Step into a brand new lifestyle!
JitterSwing Dance Clubs…Where America Learns To Dance
Your opportunity to break away from the 9-5!


Imagine what it would be like making a career out of all three….
With a JitterSwing Dance Club, you can!

JitterSwing Dance Clubs, 'Where America Learns To Dance', are poised to sweep the nation with memberships across the United States. JitterSwing is a social organization holding weekly dances for its members at existing local venues, and offering dance classes before every dance.

Our casual approach teaches easy-to-learn swing style dancing while promoting social interaction and fun. Besides teaching swing, the members will also be offered classes in Night Club 2-Step, Cha-Cha, Country 2-Step, Line Dancing, and other various easy-to-learn dances. The beauty of the JitterSwing Dance Clubs concept is the dances and dance lessons can be held at a variety of locations in your community, making your club very accessible to a growing membership.

You don't have to be a great dancer to become a JitterSwing franchisee; we'll teach you how to dance and we'll teach you how to teach others to dance. If you choose not to learn to dance, we will also teach anyone you designate as your managers and/or dance instructors.

From coast to coast, people are interested in learning how to dance' and classes are filling up! Some of the growing popularity of dance is being attributed to the hit show, "Dancing With The Stars", which has even engaged the interest of teens. Men are also showing a greater interest in dance, perhaps influenced by recent dance movies starring Antonia Benderas, Richard Gere, and Patrick Swayze. And baby boomers, who grew up with only the most casual style of dancing, are now signing up for classes.

JitterSwing's goal is to get America up off the couch and dancing. It's a goal that ties in with today's increased interest in dance and our heightened awareness of the sedentary lifestyles we live.

Our excellent business system will cover all aspects needed to operate this spectacular franchise.

If a business with a home based office and low start-up costs that you can operate full or part-time sounds good to you, contact a JitterSwing Representative today!

Please note this franchise is not accepting inquiries from outside the United States. Interested parties should have at least $20,000 to invest.

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