What Does a LanguageScript Franchise Cost?

Cash Required:$25,000
Net Worth Required:$100,000
Total Investment:$50,000

LanguageScript Franchise Information:

LanguageScript Concept

LanguageScript is a unique and proprietary method that can dramatically improve speed writing/typing and transcription productivity up to 50%. Existing methods require a long learning curve with significant memorization and their use has been steadily declining.

LanguageScript can be learned by an average person in as little as 2 hours reducing drastically memorization and a documented user-acceptance is 90%. The customer base is consistently growing and every fiscal year was profitable.

LanguageScript Features:

  • Easy to learn method for taking notes, writing, typing, texting and transcribing to increase the speed up to 50%.
  • Use by all professional occupations from salespersons to managers and secretaries and students.
  • English Grammar-based, short learning curve and no extensive memorization is required.
  • Proven successful by a wide range of ages from adults to children with documented 90% approval ratings.
  • Recommended by Fortune 500 companies, schools, and government agencies.
  • EasyScript is a top-selling book in US and worldwide.
  • Enables people with disabilities to improve writing and typing efficiency.

Business Model

You will promote and teach LanguageScript to individual users, provide on-site training to schools/businesses and build a network of LanguageScript teachers in your local community.

You can choose to operate your business on a part-time or full-time basis. You can market and conduct the training on your own, or if you don't want to train you can hire and manage trainers to do it for you. Also, as an additional option, you might divide the training between yourself and outside trainers.

This is a unique business and franchise opportunity and it is the right time to take advantage of this offering to enjoy its benefits:

  • Competition is weak and outdated.
  • Opportunity to acquire exclusive rights and to become a dominant supplier in your territory.
  • It requires only a modest capital.
  • Multiple markets and sources of revenue including foreign languages.
  • Fast return on your business investment.
  • It can be operated as a part or full time business from your home.
  • It has high profit margins and low fixed overhead
  • Can be taught easily to anyone from age 10 and up.
  • It's easy to manage and no previous teaching experience is required.
  • Your business can be profitable in a slow economy by providing affordable and unique training unavailable everywhere else.

LanguageScript includes ComputerScript typing/transcription software and EasyScript self-study/group fast note taking training programs that have been selling since its introduction in 1990 proved to be a viable alternative to tens of thousands of users around the world. The EasyScript Express book is a top-seller in US and worldwide. LanguageScript has a significant potential in many product and service markets in US and worldwide such as all computer platforms, schools/colleges, businesses, government agencies.

Training and Support

Start Up Support and Training Resources

  • Local market analysis - single and multiple territories are available, all are protected to allow for optimal market penetration.
  • Comprehensive initial support to learn every aspect of running, day-to-day operations and marketing your business.
  • Exclusive use of our proprietary Operations Manual.
  • Use of LanguageScript, ComputerScript, EasyScript names, logos and trademarks.
  • Access to proprietary approaches designed to make business ownership simple and efficient.
  • Sales and marketing training, including how to obtain school contracts and utilizing our proven marketing strategies.

Ongoing Support

  • Telephone consultations and on-going operational support.
  • Brand building and local territory strategies for marketing process.
  • Effective advertising and public relations assistance.

Join Our Team!

Mission ~ To take advantage of this exclusive opportunity to make a dramatic impact by introducing unique LanguageScript concept and revolutionize the way people write, type and transcribe information.

Please note this franchise is accepting inquiries from within the United States ONLY.
Interested parties should have at least $30,000 to invest.

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