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Join This Exciting $46 Billion Dollar Industry!
Are you a marketing or sales executive looking to start your own marketing business? Have you worked for Corporate America and decided you can perform better working for yourself? Are you simply an entrepreneur with an interest in sales and marketing? If you answered yes to any of these questions then Lead Wizards is the business opportunity you've been looking for.

Who Or What Is Lead Wizards?
Lead Wizards is a subsidiary of Newport Beach based Randevoo Inc., recognized as one of the nation's leaders in Performance Based Marketing (PBM). Lead Wizards was launched by an accomplished team of sales and marketing veterans who have a proven track record of success in the performance based marketing arena as well as managers experienced in successfully launching national at home business opportunities. This new form of Lead Generation is expected to capture a significant portion of this exciting $46 Billion Dollar Market (as of 2004). Through Lead Wizards, now you can be a part of this very lucrative industry.

What Exactly Will My PBM Business Be Doing?
Essentially your role is to build clients' sales pipelines via lead generation. The Lead Wizards' turnkey business model provides you with the tools and techniques to generate leads that result in qualified executive level meetings.

We offer two different license opportunities:

1. Enterprise Lead Wizard License
  • You hire sales reps to generate “sales meetings” for your clients.
  • You build an exciting sales organization (small to large) that will generate you big profits!
  • You manage the entire process & sales team. (Lead Wizards provides total guidance in hiring & training your sales reps)
  • You market your organization’s exciting PBM marketing services.
2. Standard Lead Wizard License
  • You generate your own sales meetings directly for your clients.
  • You market your organization’s exciting PBM marketing services.
Why Companies Need Lead Wizards
In concert with an improving economy, corporate America is now investing more in marketing. Corporations have all but abandoned email marketing campaigns, due to spam and security issues, and avoided direct print marketing due to a lack of a return response rate sufficient to build quality pipeline quickly, thus making the BASIC TELEPHONE COLD CALL the single most effective means of generating a lead and ultimately an appointment.

Corporate America is in dire need of lead generation firms that can back up their promises with guaranteed results. This has typically never been provided; and why businesses today are very excited about Performance Based Marketing options.

The need for all businesses to find quality lead generation firms has never been greater. The world renown Direct Marketing Association promotes, "The growth rate for outbound lead generation in B2B has grown from $37 Billion in 2001 to $46 Billion in 2004, a growth of 24% and is anticipated to continue growing over the coming years!"

What's Included In The Start Up Package?
The start up package includes the following:
  • Three days on-site training at corporate headquarters in Newport Beach, CA
  • Sales training manual
  • Sales & marketing materials
  • Procedures/operations manual
  • Field kit
  • Contracts and procedural documents
  • One year of follow on support
  • A web site
  • Contact management software
What Kind Of Training Is Provided?
We optimize your opportunity for success by providing a "hands on" approach to training. We will "simulate" every environment before you experience them back at home. You will receive all the material you will need to: deliver performance based marketing services, find new clients and effectively run and grow your business.

The opportunities for performance based marketing and its' growth are unlimited due to its' early stage. We are excited to share our opportunities with qualified entrepreneurs.

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