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Lean on Me Low Carb Centers Franchise Information:

It's Not Just a Franchise Opportunity, but a Lifetime Opportunity.

At Lean on Me Low Carb Centers, we do not promote fad diets or weight loss schemes. Instead, we promote a healthy, carb conscious lifestyle by providing customers with the help they want and the support they need to reach their weight loss goals. In a culture of large, impersonal supermarkets, Lean on Me Low Carb Centers offer low-carbers and diabetics alike an impressive selection of sugar-free, carb conscious, healthy delights that will guarantee customer satisfaction.

With a selection "varied" enough to cover almost any grocery list, Lean on Me provides the service expected at a specialty shop with an inventory surpassing any supermarket. Atkins, Keto, and Carborite products are only a few of the many brands we carry alongside our exclusive line of baked goods and desserts. Our emphasis on choice ingredients creates a wholesome and tasty alternative to otherwise forbidden confections.

The low-carb industry has experienced heightened consumer acceptance in the last several years due mainly to the success rate this lifestyle produces. Thousands have not only lost weight, but regained self-esteem as they reclaim their control over carbohydrate intake. This market is ever expanding as many traditional food manufacturers are now offering carb conscious alternatives to previously high-carb foods.

As one of the first specialty carb conscious stores in the nation, Lean on Me Low Carb Center was a pioneer in breaking into the carb conscious market. President and founder, Rita Lesser, has been living the carb conscious lifestyle for over five years, initially trying to shed some stubborn pounds. She not only saw the weight come off, but her cholesterol also dropped 60 points. Lean on Me Low Carb Center was borne out of Rita's individual struggle to find new, tasty, low-carb foods.

Benefits of Owning a Franchise
  • As a franchisee and owner, you are working for # 1, YOURSELF!
  • When you buy a Lean on Me Low Carb Center, you are buying not only an established brand, but also a brand concept. Our training and operations systems allow this business venture to be a turnkey operation.
  • Collective advertising dollars go much further than individual, leading to greater exposure for your ad dollars.
  • Group purchasing builds upon already established vendor relationships and allows for lower product costs.
  • The security of being backed by an experienced franchisor
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