Make It Big With Yuvi

Make It Big With Yuvi is an organization that specializes in sales and marketing of franchises, business opportunities and consulting services.

Make It Big With Yuvi Franchise Consulting:

Are you a salesperson? Do you believe in your ability to consult individuals and build good relationships with them? Do people trust you and want to follow your advice? Now, you can start making excellent profit from your first month in business, and make six figures in your first year.

The Make It Big With Yuvi is an organization that specializes in sales and marketing of franchises, business opportunities and consulting services. MIBWY's main focus is to help individuals to achieve the ultimate freedom of wealth and free-time through business ownership and/or improving ones' sales abilities and managerial skills. As a leader in the field, the Make It Big With Yuvi organization has published books, provided hours of one-on-one coaching to individuals, presented numerous seminars in different topics and sold different franchises and business opportunities to individuals nationwide.

Just like you, there are tens of millions of individuals who are ready to MAKE IT BIG. They are ready to become entrepreneurs, leave the corporate world and start their own business. Or maybe they own another business right now, but they are seeking another/better business opportunity. With our training, you can make up to $20,000 per deal and even more by introducing others to all kind of franchises, business opportunities, and training and consulting services.

And most importantly, we share with you tips and insight that very few people know about how to sell franchises and business opportunities, you are not restricted to market only our opportunities, we are not requiring any non-competes commitments from you, and you are not paying any royalties.

The program is simple, the Make It Big With Yuvi company provides you superb training via seminars, one-on-one coaching sessions and company-wide conference calls. We also have a bank of resources that is available for your use. We will teach you: inside tips on how to get leads, how to follow up with leads, how to sell the opportunities, how to close, how to differentiate yourself from the other brokers, and more importantly how to approach the sale as a consultant and NOT like a broker.

You can market and sell opportunities that we are associated with, under separate agreement(s), as well as other franchises and business opportunities that we do not market. We\'ll teach you how to find the other opportunities and to be able to sell them with high commissions.

About the Make It Big With Yuvi team:

Joining our team means that you truly join our family. When you come to our training, you will immediately feel the difference.

So who are we? Our team includes the following members:

Yuvi Shmul is an investor in several small businesses, the chief executive officer of a multi-million dollar franchise company, a lecturer and an author. Previously, he has worked as an industry analyst with a wall-street firm, and later got his real estate license in Arizona. After researching and investing in the stock market and real estate, he came to the conclusion that there is no better investment than small businesses. He consulted start ups and existing small businesses in the areas of management, business development, and finance; as a business broker, he helped others purchase and sell businesses and bought and sold several businesses on his own.

With his extensive experience in small business from purchasing to managing to growing to selling them, Yuvi understands the nuances of small business investment well. He has practiced and taught many individuals the basics and advanced techniques in the area of sales, management, corporate organization, negotiations, and other business and finance related topics. He is the author of several books, and well sought-after coach and lecturer. Yuvi has a master of science in finance from Boston College and a bachelor degree in science and pre-med studies from Eastern New Mexico University.

Ron Peltier has worked in the collegiate environment for ten years before deciding to work with Yuvi. He developed training materials, retreats and seminars for college students. Additionally, his experience includes hiring, managing and evaluating employees as well as implementing comprehensive systems for large administrative divisions at several universities.

Ron has taught at several colleges and most recently Ron spent his time mastering the Make It Big With Yuvi philosophy. Ron is the co-author of several books in the areas of purchasing and selling small businesses, selling, negotiating and closing techniques, and entrepreneurial practices. He has a master of arts in English from Eastern Michigan University.

Jared Turner is the founder of several small businesses and the Chief Operating Officer of Yakety Yak Wireless, a national wireless retail business. Beside Yakety Yak, Jared's worked in several companies, including Dyad Security and Nativehorse. At Dyad Security, Jared served as the COO, where he assisted the company to increase revenues at a rate of 150% per year.

Jared has superb ability in identifying innovative industries and start-up opportunities. Jared has a BA in International Relations with a minor in Business from Brigham Young University.

Jimmy Kindred is one of the original founders and concept creators of Yakety Yak Wireless. He has been a driving force in the direction of the company since inception, and served in almost every possible position in Yakety Yak. Currently, he is the Chief Market Officer. As the main marketing leader in the company, Jimmy continues to create and coordinate store designs, advertising material, and promotional campaigns. Jimmy is also very active in coaching new and existing franchises.

Prior to founding Yakety Yak, Jimmy has been involved in sale and marketing of different industries, including insurance, mortgage and computer network security industries. In all of his pervious jobs and companies, Jimmy has always been a top producing salesman, and a sought after sales manager and trainer. Jimmy is a graduate of Brigham Young University with a BA in International Relations and a Minor in Business.

Trent Barber, throughout his career with various industries and sizes of organizations, has always demonstrated his unique sales and recruiting ability, establishing himself as a top producer. Attracted to business ownership at an early age, Trent co-founded Acquisition Holdings LLC at the age of 23. The company owned and operated a retail business and other real estate investments. Later, Trent sold his companies and realized nice profits.

Most recently, Trent founded Elite Consulting LLC, a franchise marketing and promotions consulting company specializing in the strategic growth of companies desiring to grow their franchise or license business model nationwide. Trent studied business at Arizona State University.

Matt Des Tombe has diverse experience both in working on his own business interests as well as working for some of the most successful corporations in the country. While at Whitman College, Matthew was instrumental in the launch and operation of a coffee house and restaurant. His business experience spans food and beverage, automobile, advertising, aerospace, as well as corporate personnel recruitment and contracting. During the first part of 2005 Matthew ventured into Franchising and purchased a cellular Master Franchise in Arizona.

Aside from business Matthew is also passionate about giving back to society and does this through his work as a Mentor Manager at Phoenix Youth at Risk. Matt has a bachelor\'s degree in business from Whitman College.

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Make It Big With Yuvi is currently accepting inquiries from the following states:

Wyoming, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Washington, Vermont, Virginia, Utah, Texas, Tennessee, South Dakota, South Carolina, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, Oregon, Oklahoma, Ohio, New York, Nevada, New Mexico, New Jersey, New Hampshire, Nebraska, North Dakota, North Carolina, Montana, Mississippi, Missouri, Minnesota, Michigan, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Louisiana, Kentucky, Kansas, Indiana, Illinois, Idaho, Iowa, Hawaii, Georgia, Florida, Delaware, Connecticut, Colorado, California, Arizona, Arkansas, Alabama, Alaska