Mega Power International

What Does a Mega Power International Opportunity Cost?

Cash Required:$16,000 - $25,000

Mega Power International Business Opportunity Information:

What We Offer
Since 1984, Mega Power has provided a superior performance line of automotive additives, lubricants, preventative maintenance programs and service equipment to the Automotive, Marine and Industrial markets through a distributor network.

Mega Power is an International company and is marketed worldwide. Our distributors are located in some 40+ countries, throughout North and South America, the Pacific Rim, and Europe. As a Distributor, you market our products to various Automotive, Industrial, and Agricultural channels. You provide the training, support, and solutions they need to be profitable in doing preventative maintenance!

The Marketplace
Mega Power has been in this market place for over twenty years and has the experience to help you grow your business into a profitable money maker. The market potential for our additive products is virtually unlimited. In 2003, automotive additive sales in the aftermarket approached nearly $1 Billion, and yet another $72.6 Billion of additive services went unperformed. Our market position as a quality product manufacturer allows our distributors to earn healthy profit margins and we currently have numerous available territories with explosive growth potential.

Your Investment
The minimum initial investment for this business opportunity is a modest ($16,000 to $25,000) and is comprised of start-up inventory and equipment – no franchise fees. We provide the training necessary for you to learn the industry and successfully launch your new business.

This is for those people that have the determination, desire, and ability to work hard and efficiently toward the building of a successful business.

Whereas knowledge of the additive market is useful, Mega Power can overcome any lack of experience with training programs both in a classroom atmosphere and "hands on" in the territory. The capital investment is modest and provides the potential of a lifetime of profitable return. This is equity in your own business! If you have the determination, desire, and ability, we can provide the knowledge, products, and financial connection for those who qualify.

The Package
Mega Power provides a package that includes everything you will need to run a successful business. Your start-up investment is in an initial supply of products and promotional materials. No fees or extra hidden costs! The quantities will be determined by your investment amount and territory size. The GREAT thing is, you\'re not paying for territory, your investment provides you with tangible goods and promotional materials to get started! The territory remains yours as long as you meet our minimal purchase requirements. There are no franchise fees; this is a business opportunity, not a franchise.

Training and Support
A full and extensive training course at Mega Power\'s Tampa facility focuses on selling skills, equipment and product knowledge. 'In territory\' training with a Mega Power staff member in the art of product sales utilizing demonstration techniques and the selling of programs for profit with the equipment. New distributors are also encouraged to take advantage of the Phase II training in "Business and Growth Management" training once they have their business up and running. A distributor contract ensures you ownership of the business and covers "Distribution and Trademark Agreements".

You\'ll have ongoing access to the complete range of Mega Power products, Technical Support, product Analysis and 'spot\' promotions, along with annual promotional and incentive programs. Your commitment to the program remains the single most important component to your success ….


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