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Musketeer Partners Home Base Franchise Information:

Your Own Online Discount Store - Open for Business (and Profits) 24 Hours a Day!

Welcome to Musketeer Partners! We are dedicated to being the leading developer and most trusted provider of comprehensive Internet business opportunities.

Musketeer Partners offers you your choice of three separate home-based businesses that were developed to be managed individually, but designed to be even more profitable when used together. Whether you choose one or all three, you'll quickly and easily be able to establish your own online discount store. You'll also be establishing a powerful wealth-building legacy that your family will benefit from for generations to come.

The Three Businesses Include:
  • E-Store Builder - Designed so anyone with their own inventory can build and maintain an effective e-commerce website.

  • Blowout Bargains - For anyone who wants to get a fully functioning business online complete with over 500 constantly changing brand name products in over 25 Categories at extremely low surplus prices - often pennies on the dollar.

    You'll have the same products and low prices as your local brick-and-mortar "superstore" - except your customers will purchase from your website because of the convenience and the fact that there is a local "face" behind it. It's finally the return of "Buy Globally. Shop Locally."

    Whether your customers are looking for electronics, jewelry, sporting goods, toys, clothing, gardening supplies, etc. - they'll find it at exceptional prices at your own website. And you never even have to bother with inventory, shipping, or returns...we take care of that for you!

  • 24/7 Megamall - A unique business for generating extra income with limited time requirement or website administration. 24/7 Megamall features over 200 stores which are continuously researched and updated to ensure you get the best prices and the best service available online.

    Your customers now will enjoy the selection of mall stores right from their own home. Whether they want clothes from store such as The Gap and Brooks Brothers, the latest electronics from The Sharper Image, or specialty items from boutiques such as Hickory Farms and Posh Tots, they'll find it all right at your website.
We will provide everything needed to quickly start your successful home-based business. Our easy-to-use tools, exclusive step-by-step training by world-renowned small business marketing expert Jay Conrad Levinson, and ongoing expert support provide the proven strategies and techniques needed to make each affiliate's business flourish.

Why Musketeer Partners?
  1. Comprehensive Training Program:
    We provide detailed training to shows you exactly how you can easily get individuals to your websites and turn them into loyal customers. It only takes 100-200 individuals to have an enormously successful business. You do not have to carry any inventory and there is no selling on your part.
  2. Superior Ongoing Support:
    The Musketeer Partners organization is a devoted team of successful sales and marketing professionals, business training experts, web site developers, and Internet specialists with decades of collective business experience. We are committed to updating our affiliates' web sites, business support, and training on an ongoing basis to integrate the newest, most innovative technology and marketing strategies to ensure you always have the latest tools to be successful.
  3. Good People - Strong Partnerships:
    We know that starting and maintaining a business can have its challenges - but take comfort in the fact that we are here to help. Support professionals will be available to you for the life of your business. We facilitate the exchange of valuable information among all of our partners - so you will always be informed about what ideas are successful for others and will work for your business too.
  4. Focus On Your Growth:
    Combining our tools and quality training with your efforts you have the potential to gain the financial freedom you have always dreamed of by focusing all of your attention to growing your business.
  5. Run Your Business From Anywhere:
    Just connect to the Internet. You do not have to worry about overhead, inventory, shipping hassles, or employees.
  6. Experience the Freedom Of Time:
    At Musketeer Partners You can experience success with as little as two quality hours of work each day.
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