MVP Baseball Academy

What Does a MVP Baseball Academy Opportunity Cost?

Cash Required:$25,000

MVP Baseball/Softball Academy Training Business Opportunity:
Welcome to MVP Baseball & Softball Academies

We are excited to share a unique opportunity for training baseball and softball players. MVP Baseball & Softball Academies currently includes a growing number of training academies and Buying Group Members throughout the country. It your #1 opportunity to turn your passion for the sport into a profitable business.

  • Over $250,000 invested in the development of this opportunity
  • Proven business plan
  • Training & ongoing support
and much, much more...

MVP Baseball & Softball training academies are the premier provider of baseball and softball instruction. Our specialized instructional program goes beyond just the physical training on the field to include player's heart, attitude, and mental preparation. Our goal is to instill a life-long learning system for both mind and body. Our programs are designed to help parents create successful, dedicated and respectful children by reinforcing positive values in a unique baseball/softball setting. Students not only learn how to play the games, but also learn self-confidence, self-esteem, and respect for others and themselves.

We are pleased to send you initial information on our corporate staff, established revenue sources for a facility, sample build-out costs, and an actual monthly income and expense statement from one of our academies.

MVP Support & Assistance

  • Facility site selection, design and layout strategies.
  • Leveraged purchasing power of turf, netting and other facility buildout materials.
  • Equipment recommendations and leveraged purchasing power.
  • A fully functional and self-administered website that is simple and easy for you to customize as needed.
  • Complete Sales, Marketing and Advertising model for all programs and events.
  • Full Instructional training model (DVD video and text) with accompanying teaching techniques.
  • Industry-specific Operations and Administrative manuals for staffing and facility issues.
  • Direct access to our sales collateral, event flyers and wall signage library via the Internet.
  • Annual check-ups on your business to formulate new revenue goals and expansion strategies.
  • Annual Owners Meetings and daily phone and email correspondence with our License support team.
Build For Your Future

We would like to have the opportunity to discuss our academy philosophy with you and answer any questions you may have. At that time, we also can provide you with a list of current academy owners you may wish to contact.

We look forward to helping you fulfill your dream of helping athletes find better ways to play their game.

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