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Nemos Take-Out Seafood Restaurant Franchise Information:

Catch the freshness.

Welcome to Nemos Seafood the newest concept in take-away dining. We offer high quality, savory seafood entrees and tasty side dishes for lunch and dinner. Meals are always fresh and delicious - prepared just for you. Nemos uses only premium ingredients, delivered daily. The only thing fresher is still in the water!

Our menu is full of delicious, satisfying choices that you can take home - without preparation headaches or waiting at that overpriced, crowded restaurant. Call ahead or come in and enjoy a beverage in a relaxed atmosphere while we prepare your meal.

About Us
Nemos, Inc. has a unique concept in take-out food. We specialize in premium, freshly prepared seafood entrees and complementing side dishes in a contemporary, casual take-out atmosphere. Finally, a healthy alternative to deep-fried, high-fat fast food.

NEMOS - The shortest distance between the ocean and your table.

Who We Are
After being in his own business for over 15 years, Chris Spears realized a need for great-tasting, fresh seafood in a fast, casual setting. Co-founder Gary Williams, also a business owner, shared that idea.

Before long, Chris and Gary discovered that their vision intrigued other entrepreneurs, and Dale Clarke, Jaime Frausto, and John Bendezu joined the team. Although each was a professional and had great business success in his own field, they all came to the conclusion that there was a common vision and passion to bring this unique concept to life.

Not long after, a business plan was written, a partnership was formed, and a commitment was made to open stores around the country. In the plan, the partners vowed to create an affordable opportunity for other entrepreneurs to own their own Nemos Seafood franchises.

Why We Are
The idea of health consciousness through nutritional awareness and dietary changes has been building over the last several years. The rapid increase in obesity and Type 2 diabetes in America has reached nearly epidemic proportions. Government studies and the newest Food Guide Pyramid have given us a new definition of a balanced, healthy diet. This is not a fad but a solid dietary trend backed by the scientific and medical communities, and endorsed by big food manufacturers.

Another trend, however, is that people are finding much less time to prepare nutritional, home-cooked meals for themselves and their families. That's where Nemos comes in. We offer fresh, health-conscious - and very satisfying - meals to contribute to a whole new concept of eating take-out.

Our Philosophy
Our values and business practices are built on premium products, a high level of customer service, positive attitudes, creativity, fairness and generosity. We are concerned about the effect of our company and products on the health and well being of our customers, our employees and the environment. Awareness of these factors and the responsible actions that result, give our efforts a sense of purpose and meaning - beyond basic business goals.

Nemos Seafood is pleased to offer a unique, contemporary dining experience and high-quality food products. As a matter of fact, our secret seven-herb garlic and butter sauce has been spinning taste buds already!

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