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What Does a Netword Internet Keywords Opportunity Cost?

Cash Required:$37,500 - $75,000

Netword Advertising Business Opportunity Information:

The Nations Only Internet Advertising Search Technology
that Specializes in Serving Local Business!

Nothing Like It!
No Direct Competition!

Realistic Medium 6 Figure+ Income Potential!

This Offer Available To Qualified, Ready-To-Start, U.S. Investors Only

NOW...Local Businesses can appear as half-page advertisers alongside every major search engine and e-commerce website when consumers conduct searches with Netword's patent protected search technology!

Netword, Inc. –the original Internet Keyword company– has just announced that it will now be offering opportunities to qualified investors to acquire exclusive territories for its expanded advertising product line. First on the Internet, and now first to add local advertising directories, we are now accepting applications across the country for local sales dealers! If you enjoy working with local business, can manage sales reps, and possess an advertising acumen, then review this! Don't hesitate to do your homework: the first qualified dealer prospect within each marketing area will have first pick at exclusive territories. We are seeking long-term partners in each geographic territory who can start immediately. If you qualify, as our partner you could be earning a realistic medium six figure+ yearly income in your first year of operation!

Our Mainstay Product

Netword Inc.’s primary advertising product, delivered through patented Internet keywords, works in conjunction with the leading search engines and e-commerce websites, displaying our advertisers' websites along-side the consumers’ search engine requested results.

What's New

Now For The First Time…Local small business owners can develop beneficial income from internet search results within their immediate zip-code market areas…and if they have no web presence…we’ll develop a web site and host it free of charge for one full year!

Think about it: Whenever Netword consumers conduct searches in Google, Yahoo, MSN, AOL, Ask Jeeves or any of the other major search engines -those which constitute approximately 97% of all searches initiated on the Internet- or when they enter the Amazon, E-Bay, and Yahoo shopping platforms... Your advertiser's live website will resolve as a full half page representing the dream of every small/local business advertiser!

No Like-Type Advertising Media Format Has Been Available To The Local Business... Not Until Now! And No Other Like-Type Media Format Ever Will... Not Without Risking A Patent Infringement Lawsuit!

Where You Fit In

Now that we have zip-code capabilities for local advertisers -recognizing that the "national" selling model is not conducive to "local" sales- we need local partners who can relate to local businesses.

Internet advertising is a multi-billion dollar industry, growing 3-5 times yearly. This is a ground floor opportunity for the savvy entrepreneur which requires comparatively little cash outlay. Even then, we protect your investment with secured stock (see below).

Have you ever bought or sold Yellow Pages advertising? If your background has been in sales, sales training, or sales management, you could qualify to be earning a medium six+ figure income! If you meet our qualifications, we would like to invite you to become a partner with an affiliated company of ours (“Affiliate”) in an exclusive territory in your town. Yes, we used the term partner, because while we want local dealers to market our products, we want to make a commitment to the success of the dealership by carrying an equity interest in it. Our concept is for you to lead the local dealership while our Affiliate actively supports your efforts, not as a passive franchisor or licensor, but in the role of active partnership. You won't be alone at any point in time - we'll stand alongside you!

The Deal Structure

Our Affiliate and you would jointly establish a limited liability company ("LLC") with each member owning 50% from which you would receive 95% of the LLC's cash distributions. The LLC would, in turn, enter into a dealership agreement with Netword, Inc. Your responsibilities would be to operate the local dealership on a day-to-day basis, including engaging and managing all personnel, handling local advertising, customer relations at the local level, and securing sales. Our Affiliate's primary responsibilities as a member in the LLC would be to participate in the Membership Board and to contribute its fair share work ethic in its capacity as coordinator between you and Netword Corporate!

Your initial investment of $37,500 is to be invested in the stock of a venture capital fund including Netword -currently positioning itself as a Pre-IPO. You will need an additional $37,500 for formation and operating expenses as you move along. The stock in the venture capital fund will be owned by the LLC. However, in the event the members agree to sell, dispose of, or otherwise terminate the LLC, our Affiliate agrees to sell its equity interest in that stock to you for $1. Therefore, from an effective standpoint, 50% of your $75,000 initial investment in the LLC is being fully secured (subject to changes in the value of the stock, of course).

Are You Right For Us?
Yes, if you are the take-charge type who can build a business when given the tools.

Are We Right For You?
Yes, if you like the security of partnering with a leader in a growth industry.

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