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NiteLites Franchise Systems, Inc. President and CEO, Thomas A. Frederick Sheds Some Light On What Makes His Business Sparkle.

NiteLites Franchise Systems, Inc., a leading franchisor of landscape lighting, features low voltage high quality lighting with breathtaking elegance for residential and commercial properties. The difference between NiteLites and the other landscape lighting companies is their proven design, installation, service, and operations systems that focus on an acute attention to detail.

NiteLites Franchise Systems, Inc. President and CEO Thomas Frederick, has been in the marketing and business development field for more than 20 years. Three years ago he decided to dedicate himself to the development and success of NiteLites. The company was founded in 1998 and previously was distributor based and recently converted to a franchise model.

When asked, "What are the key components that have driven your impressive sales and overall expansion?" Mr. Frederick explained the company's "dramatic growth" is due to a combination of several critical factors. First, the company is based on a proven concept of designing, installing, and maintaining landscape lighting for the owners of high end residential and commercial properties. "We took landscape lighting to a level the industry had never experienced. By investing in the internal development of our proprietary systems and methodology, we have created a replicatible model of excellence, and an unparalleled "look". Probably the greatest external market influence driving our success is the trend called "cocooning" which started in the mid 1990s. Cocooning is the tendency for people to spend more time in and around their homes. Because people are spending more time at home they are willing to invest in amenities that increase their enjoyment at home. Landscape lighting is a definite "Yes" for people looking for a high impact way to enhance their lives at home. There are some forecasts for the outdoor lighting industry in America to grow sales to an estimated $1 billion annually. Other outdoor lighting industry leaders have stated that they expect sales to be dramatically higher. Frederick went on to add, "In our opinion, landscape lighting is where irrigation was fifteen to twenty years ago. We have tremendous growth ahead of us."

NiteLites, a home based franchise opportunity, has locations in Asheville, NC., Atlanta, GA., Charlotte, NC., Columbus, OH., Dayton, OH., Indianapolis, IN., Lima, OH., Southeast Michigan, Myrtle Beach, SC., and Washington D.C. Mr. Frederick also said that he has hopes to add more than 25 franchised locations in 2005. Recently NiteLites Franchises were opened in Naples, FL., Fort Myers, FL., Columbia, SC., Augusta, GA., Aiken, SC., and St. Louis, MO., Jacksonville, FL., Fort Lauderdale, FL., West Palm Beach, FL., and Boca Raton, FL. The following territories are expected to be franchised and operating in the very near future: Fort Worth, TX., Dallas, TX., Hilton Head, SC., Tampa, FL., Sarasota, FL., and Wilmington, NC., and Houston, TX.

When asked, "What do franchise owners have to gain by buying a NiteLites franchise?", Mr. Frederick responded, "All of our NiteLites Franchises benefit from our growing reputation for offering affordable excellence with our array of high value guaranteed products. Because of the industrial quality and reliability of our lighting systems, our NiteLites businesses continue to grow in relation to the amount of time and energy they invest. Not to mention the ultimate benefits, freedom and financial independence."

What makes NiteLites better than your competitors? Tom Frederick says, "Simply stated. The Look! We also have top quality fixtures and transformers, full proof connections and a UL listed system. But, it's our look that puts us above the rest. And our clients definitely care about having the quality systems. But their real focus is the final product and our ability to keep the system operating perfectly for the years ahead. Many of our clients move every few years and they keep calling us to light their new homes and their vacation homes. They tell us the look can not be duplicated by other outside lighting companies. That is the difference and our greatest advantage."

Tom Frederick went on to explain that the NiteLites Franchisees benefit from a proven system of selling, designing, installing, and maintaining outdoor illumination for both residential and commercial properties. NiteLites Franchisees install the NiteLites superior line of products made of solid brass, copper, and stainless steel. "Our clients appreciate the unique comprehensiveness of our services, our personal commitment and the extensive warranties we provide. NiteLites continually strives to elevate standards of quality, safety, and professionalism in the landscape lighting industry."

With the purchase of a NiteLites franchise system, the new owner(s) receives a substantial jump start on their business. The turn key system has them ready the day they complete training. Not only do new owners receive a fully packed demo kit with everything needed to properly display a home or business' potential for excellent illumination, but they also receive personal, one-on-one training from the NiteLites Corporate Training Staff - Business Operations, Lighting Design, Technical Methods for Installation, Marketing Strategies, as well as Business Building Tools. The NiteLites Training Team travels to the new location and invests time with the new owner installing actual lighting systems and demonstrating our lighting techniques -- the tricks of the trade, NiteLites' style.

Tom Frederick is a dynamic business man with incredible energy and enthusiasm for the NiteLites business.

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