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What Does a Nitro Fitness Opportunity Cost?

Cash Required:$65,000 - $83,750

Nitro Fitness Franchise Information:

Nitro Fitness is on the leading edge of a hot, new trend in exercise. Two "fitness professionals" with over 20 years as partners in owning and operating exercise facilities, recognized an opportunity existed for explosive growth in an untapped market: meeting the exercise needs of men over 30 years old in just thirty minutes.

These men are turned off by the "strut your stuff" atmospheres of traditional co-ed health clubs. They want to get in shape, not become a model for a fitness magazine. They want something that takes little of their valuable time, but it has to be proven effective.

Our program is based on the latest research showing core training is the best way to improve functional strength, stability and flexibility. Research also shows that circuit training is one of the most effective ways for men to burn fat, lose inches from their waistlines and improve overall cardiovascular health. By combining core muscle training and circuit training, the Nitro Fitness Program gives you all of these benefits without spending endless hours in a gym.

Business Ownership for the "Average Guy"
The needs of these men are simple, which makes meeting those needs simple. Nitro Fitness facilities are small and personal places, offering only circuit training stations. No free weights, no basketball courts and hot tubs, which means your cost of ownership is a fraction of a traditional health club. Not only is the cost of ownership is less than you might think; you'll be shown how to run your business profitably, even if you have no previous experience.

With a keen eye for spotting new opportunities in the fitness industry, Larry Bedell and Chuck Rappe began working on the Nitro Fitness concept several years ago. Like their members, they're "average guys" over 30 years old whose fitness needs and goals weren't being met by traditional health clubs and gyms. They also knew the population of men over 30 years old is growing rapidly, which means large numbers of men will need and want a Nitro Fitness facility nearby.

Larry and Chuck are more than just two businessmen jumping on a hot new trend. They know the fitness industry inside and out and know what works. Together they've owned and operated successful health clubs for over 20 years, including Gold's Gyms, New Lady Fitness and Club LaFemme facilities. In fact, Larry and Chuck pioneered the "ladies only" health club concept in the Midwest with New Lady Fitness in Omaha Nebraska and Club LaFemme facilities in Kansas City.

We Do it Right
  • The physical space requirements are small - on average 1,500-1,800 square feet, which means your monthly rent is lower than traditional facilities.
  • You only need circuit-training stations. No extra costs for items such as free weights, special flooring, pools and saunas.
  • Selectorized equipment means low maintenance costs. Hydraulic and other types of exercise equipment can be difficult and expensive to maintain.
  • Your customers won't "outgrow" the program. The core muscles can be trained in a variety of ways using only a few pieces of carefully chosen equipment. By varying the workout itself, your members will continue to see their fitness improve and stay with their program longer.
  • An easy-to-follow meal plan with nutritional supplements. Our meal plan and line of nutritional supplements mean additional profits for you and keeps your members motivated.
  • Exclusive sportswear line. Our line of high-quality designer apparel with the Nitro Fitness logo is more than another source of revenue. It helps promote and grow your business.
  • Expertise and marketing support. We share our many years of successful experience in running profitable fitness facilities. Our dynamic advertising and marketing support help you establish and maintain a profitable franchise.

We'll Help You Get Started
  • We'll help you with site selection. We'll help you choose a site that'll attract new members, is easy to get to and easy on your bank account.
  • We'll help design your space. From paint schemes to where the equipment goes, we'll help make your club a place where people want to work out.
  • We'll help choose your suppliers. Not all suppliers are alike. We'll help you tell the difference.
  • Your Grand Opening program is ready to go. Our dynamic Grand Opening program will get you rolling quickly.

Our Complete Training Program Teaches You About Your New Business
  • Quality matters. A quality program and facility attracts new members and keeps your existing ones coming back time after time.
  • Learn inventory management. Managing your inventory correctly is crucial to having what your members want, when they want it.
  • Marketing and advertising support. No need to spend time developing your own marketing programs. Our dynamic advertising and promotional programs are ready to use.
  • Continuous Guidance Long After You've Opened Your Doors
  • We share our years of experience. If you encounter something that's new to you, chances are it's not new to us and we have a solution.
  • On-site and telephone consultation. Whether it's a simple question that can be answered by phone, or something that needs to be seen, we're available for what you need. Our field staff and supervisors will also make regular visits to make sure you have what you need.
  • Group purchase discounts. Through our many partners, substantial savings are available on things like health insurance, computer software, office supplies and more.

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