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NuMarkets eBay Resale Franchise Information:

It's time to start your future.
Imagine a franchise opportunity in which the product you offer is something literally everyone wants -- extra income. Where the franchisor provides not only easy-to-use, best-in-class systems and ongoing support, but actually handles the lion's share of each transaction for you. And with zero investment in inventory, minimal startup costs, and comparatively modest startup fees, the NuMarkets opportunity looks even better.

What you've just imagined is the ideal franchise opportunity-and an accurate description of NuMarkets, the revolutionary company that's redefining the way people sell their unwanted items.

The power of eBay, fully realized.
NuMarkets is an exciting new company dedicated to helping the average person harness the power of eBay quickly and easily to get the most for their items in the global marketplace. Customers simply bring their items to their local NuMarkets store, where they're checked in, catalogued, photographed and warehoused in a matter of minutes. And unlike cumbersome "off-the-shelf" auction and photo software, NuMarkets' proprietary, fully integrated systems lead the industry in speed and ease-of-use, allowing each location to process literally hundreds of items each day.

Partnership: a Nu kind of franchisee relationship.
Most companies claim to offer varying levels of support to their franchisees. But with NuMarkets, the company actually works in partnership with franchisees on a day-in, day-out basis. In fact, the vast majority of each transaction is either automated by NuMarket's industry-leading SimpleTM software system, or handled entirely by NuMarkets Centralized Commerce Services. Of course, as a franchisee you can also expect plenty of assistance with site location and build-out, hands-on training and education (which includes selling a few of your own unwanted items), and aggressive marketing support designed to bring customers into your store early and often.

Technology Advantage: It's called SimpleTM for a reason.
At the heart of NuMarkets is a set of software and processes called SimpleTM --an apt name, judging by the many ways it makes your job easier. Designed from the ground up by NuMarkets, SimpleTM automates, integrates, manages and simplifies every part of the selling process.
In fact, at the store level alone, the SimpleTM system…
  • Assigns the item with a unique number and barcode
  • Interfaces with the digital camera and manages all pictures
  • Writes the item description automatically with minimal user input
  • Categorizes the item via a comprehensive knowledge base of 17,000 items
  • Calculates the shipping costs
  • Generates shipping documents and labels.

It's the ability to automate these and other steps that allows NuMarkets to manage eBay auctions on a large scale. And it's the same software and processes that help make NuMarkets one of the easiest franchises to own and operate.

We are continually fine-tuning the software needed to make selling simple on eBay. We work in close collaboration with eBay to insure that our customers get the best possible experience. The tools also help each franchise in streamlining the process flow in order to maximize profitability both for consigners and franchise owners.

Shipping and Packing Services
When most ebay drop-off stores are still struggling with how to run an ebay business, NuMarkets is creating selling & shipping centers. Since we ship 100\'s of items daily we can offer very competitive rates to pack and ship items. We ship large items, delicate antiques and anything else that needs to get somewhere. We will get it there quickly and safely. All shipments are fully insured and have on-line tracking.

Packaging and Shipping Supplies
Planning a move or perhaps running your own eBay business? NuMarkets also offers a compete line of packing supplies including bubble wrap, boxes in all sizes, and tape for all of your packing needs.

Franchise advantages at a glance:
  • Fun and easy to operate
  • Zero inventory risk with nothing to buy
  • Majority of each transaction handled by corporate, including posting, customer inquiries, checkout, collection,
  • Order fulfillment, reporting, and processing of consignee payments
  • SimpleTM software and processes available only through NuMarkets and included in your franchise fee
  • Seamlessly integrated process for photographing, categorizing, listing and warehousing items
  • Ability to process and ship items of virtually any size and weight, including lucrative larger items
  • Industrial class hardware and software-designed to handle hundreds of items per day
  • Includes turnkey shipping and documentation businesses-like owning three businesses in one
  • Instant cash flow and quick turn-around on receivables
  • Backed by logistics and e-commerce industry veterans
  • Exclusive territories available
  • Site selection and build-out assistance
  • Hands-on training using your own unwanted items
  • Aggressive marketing support
  • Startup as quickly as two weeks
  • Proven performance on eBay-a Top 40 seller

NuMarkets - Three Businesses in One
Ebay consignment franchises and services may seem similar but NuMarket\'s additional income streams; including turnkey shipping and documentation businesses, is like owning three lucrative businesses in one, each complementing the other.

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