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Pantheon is the worldwide leader in public-access multimedia technology. The foundation for success of this internationally connected corporation lies in understanding the role that technology has in everyday life. As the world progressively moves through the age of information, Pantheon continues to develop products that broaden the horizons of communications technology. It is with that vision that EZ LINK, our interactive internet terminal is experiencing widespread growth in the internet terminal industry.

Our company vision focuses on developing the most sophisticated interactive terminals in today's fast-paced environment. Innovative technology, beautiful design, ease-of-use, and unbeatable reliability are precisely what you will experience with EZ LINK.

EZ LINK is the Multifunctional Moneymaking Machine.
You will make money because the machine offers a wide variety of services to consumers. Each time a consumer uses even one of them, you get paid! Also because of its tremendous exposure to foot traffic and advertising potential, even when the machine isn't in use, you get paid!

When a consumer uses your machine to connect to the Internet: EZ LINK users can surf the World Wide Web, send email, chat in real time, shop for gifts, pay their bills, recharge wireless products, purchase pre-paid products, book travel and do everything else that the Internet makes possible. Each minute a user spends on your machine doing any one of these common tasks, YOU GET PAID!!

When a consumer uses your machine to make a phone call: 25% of Americans still have no cell phone and even those that do sometimes find themselves in an area with bad reception or with a low battery. In order to avoid air charges they can use a toll free number. In those situations, they can turn to your EZ LINK and YOU GET PAID!!

When a consumer uses your machine to take and send pictures or videos: EZ LINK users can take pictures, or create videos and email these items to anywhere they want, and when they do, YOU GET PAID!!

When an advertiser uses your machine to advertise products: EZ LINK can loop through and display an unlimited number of static, billboard-style ads and/or dynamic video, commercial-style ads (just like on TV!). Thus even when a consumer is not actively using your machine, YOU GET PAID!!

Is this business right for you?
Because you can buy as many or as few machines as you like, this business is right for a wide range of people. A full time employee, student, housewife or retiree can, through the purchase of a small number of machines, supplement their income with only a small time commitment. On the other hand, an entrepreneur looking to get out of the 9-5 daily grind and be the master of their own destiny can begin a full-time business with more machines.

Where can my EZLINK terminals be located?
An EZ-LINK terminal can be located anywhere people spend time: in airports, on campuses, in supermarkets, train stations, salons and shopping malls, amusement parks, casinos, banks, mail and copy stores, bars, Laundromats, hotels…anywhere!

How are locations chosen?
As the owner of the machine, you can, of course, place it anywhere you choose. Knowing that the location of the machine is so important to its success, however, EZ-LINK Inc. will be actively involved in helping you find great locations in your area.

Why will a location owner agree to place an EZLINK terminal on their property?
Since there will be no cost to the location owner to house your terminal, yet they will receive a percentage of the profits, an EZLINK terminal is good for their bottom line. Additionally, it will drive more traffic to their location. Once a person is in a location to use a machine, they will often also purchase something from the location.

How much time will I need to spend on this business?
The time commitment associated with your business will be dependent on how many machines you purchase. As opposed to many other vending machine businesses, there is nothing to restock, which allows for much less of a time commitment. You should plan on visiting each of your machines once a week to collect the money and keep it looking clean, which should take less than an hour per machine.

Will there be other people placing EZLINK terminals in my area?
Yes, there will be. However, this will actually help your ability to attract customers. As more terminals are placed in your area, the more familiar users will become with them and even begin to expect them. Compare it to ATM machines: their abundance in many areas actually increases users reliance on them.

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