Peterbrooke Chocolatier

What Does a Peterbrooke Chocolatier Franchise Cost?

Cash Required:$100,000
Total Investment:$212,000 - $324,000

LOVE, Your Franchise!


If so, then read on.

Peterbrooke Chocolatier is the franchise built on LOVE. Love of Chocolate and Love of who we buy chocolate for! Peterbrooke is committed to increasing the profitability of new and existing franchisees through a multiple revenue stream business model that provides an innovative confectionary retail experience that maximizes earning potential. You are going to Love this!

A vast majority of retail opportunities are limited to sales within the four walls of the shop and obsessively spending marketing dollars to drive traffic to their sole source of income. Not so with Peterbrooke which has unlimited opportunities for the profit-minded chocolatier to spread the Love and reap the rewards. This includes corporate sales chocolate molds client gifting web sales in-store events gelato holidays community and charity events and so much more!

Top 5 Reasons To Invest In A Peterbrooke Chocolatier Franchise Now

#1: Premium Product – Six time winner of the “Highest Quality” award, Peterbrooke produces superior chocolates for our exclusive clientele.
Since launching a new and quintessential chocolate experience more than 35 years ago, Peterbrooke has continued to evolve, remaining true to its primary mission of transforming the art of fine European chocolate and Italian gelato into a truly American neighborhood experience. We always have and always will offer a wide selection of European-styled handmade chocolates and gelato interpreted through a distinctly American lens. With 900 presently available products and a constantly innovating team of franchisees, Peterbrooke is constantly evolving, while delivering the same quality our clients have come to expect.

#2: Operational Excellence
From the tightly organized and simplified operations, to products with long shelf lives, to the draw of professional staff members to be part of your very small labor team, everything at Peterbrooke is built to allow you a wonderful work/life balance that is often missing from franchises. We love our franchisees and their families, so we have designed Peterbrooke to allow you to be as successful as you want to be without sacrificing family.

Peterbrooke is one of the very few collaborative franchise opportunities in the country, where those who demonstrate operational excellence have the opportunity to participate in decisions across the company from products, methods and advertising, to design and invention.

#3: Strong Brand Identity and Powerful Marketing
Peterbrooke Chocolatier is one of the most sought after U.S. chocolate and candy franchises with more than 20 locations operating across the Southeast and nearly the same number of new stores poised to open. Now is the time to apply to join the Peterbrooke family as we expand into the Carolinas, Alabama, Louisiana, Georgia, Tennessee, Mississippi, as well as seeking large multi-unit operators in Texas, Kentucky and the Northeast where available.

#4: Have a Career and a Life
We handcraft the chocolates from the old world swiss chocolate recipes, blend our gelatos from Italian family traditions at our factory in Jacksonville, Florida and ship directly to your location as often as is needed. Your day is spent wrapping beautiful baskets, talking with your customers who love Peterbrooke Chocolate, and dipping some of the local favorites in chocolate, for visual appeal. Every day spent with people who love chocolate and the people who they are buying it for, is a wonderful way to make a living!

#5: Poised for Growth
The chocolate industry in the United States represents a $22 billion opportunity and Peterbrooke has been capitalizing on that for the last 35 years. Dedicated to increasing the profitability of new and existing franchisees through a multiple revenue stream business model, we are already developing several new Florida markets including Tampa, Orlando and Naples and we are actively seeking multi-unit operators across the South and North east.

Chocolate Streams Of Income

Peterbrooke Chocolatier is committed to increasing the profitability of new and existing franchisees through a multiple revenue stream business model that provides an innovative confectionary retail experience that maximizes earning potential.

Love is basking in a premium brand, with opportunities far beyond the four walls of the shop, and it is within your grasp. Peterbrooke Chocolatier offers an exciting franchise opportunity that helps provide the financial freedom and work/life balance that many entrepreneurs desire. Our franchise development team is standing by to help you learn more and start the process of joining the #1 chocolate retail franchise. Isn’t it time you took hold of your future?

Supporting The Dream

Peterbrooke is with you 100% of the way. From helping you find the perfect real estate, to the building process, to our extensive marketing support system, we are by your side all along the way.

It all starts with our intense training program meant to take you from novice to expert as fast as possible.

Your Recipe To Success

Strength, class, consistency, quality and love are the reasons that 100% of the present franchisees have renewed their contracts for an extra 10 years.

As franchisee Brooke Joyner says, “What I love about Peterbrooke overall is the quality of the product and the passion shared by everyone who works with me. Our chocolate is a reflection and a form of love…kind of a language of love through your taste buds.”

Peterbrooke has accepted, on average, less than 2 new franchisees a year for the past 14 years. It is a challenging process, but with every single franchisee renewing this year for 10 more years, it is clearly worth the effort. To begin fulfilling your dream as a Peterbrooke Chocolatier franchise owner, fill out the form today to learn more!


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