Pita Pit

2019 Costs & Fees

Liquid Capital Required:$200,000 - $300,000

Pita Pit Franchise Information:

The Pita Pit Strategy
Our success is built around an understanding of our customers.

We began by defining a very specific customer group. We then created a meal experience and operation around satisfying their needs. Our primary customers are college students and young professionals who seek a healthy food alternative. They require not only a lunch and dinner meal, but also a snack after the theatre or movie or even after a late night at the bars.

Convenience, accessibility and quick service are essential for this group. Satisfying their taste requires meat prepared on a grill and accompanied by the freshest of toppings.

To meet these needs we have designed a system with the following characteristics:

We focus solely on pitas.
Our customers only want to see healthy food on our premises, so we don't offer fries, burgers or pizza.

Our site selection criteria are very specific.
We take an active role in site selection and do not take a site simply because it appears to be in a high traffic area.

We have a simple, streamlined operation.
The toppings and meat portions are prepared in advance. The pita is ready moments after the meat comes off the grill.

We recruit franchisees from among our customer base.
They are already passionate about us. They understand our customers best and how to market to them. They will make this their primary occupation and will work hands-on in their stores rolling pitas and greeting customers.

We are very resolute about these principles.
We do not try to serve something to everybody. We have identified our customer base and we serve their specific needs.

We know our business.
Pita Pit's founders built this concept from scratch and they are committed to the growth of the chain. We grew to 200 stores before establishing a US Company. We maintain one corporate store in Coeur d'Alene, ID which serves as a product testing facility and a training center.

Terrific Growth Opportunity.
We are the next big thing. The Pita Pit is a proven concept with thousands of good available sites to develop. Multiple store ownership is a real possibility for those with drive and determination.

Site Selection and Lease.
We work with you in the approval and selection of the site.

Design and Construction.
Our construction agents have built over 200 Pita Pits and they know what they're doing. Our branding will be properly implemented, giving you the greatest leverage of this asset. No additional decorating is required.

We provide one-stop-shopping, at the best prices, for all key ingredients. You can focus on your store.

Includes classroom and on-the-job training in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho as well as one week of assistance in your store after opening. Topics cover: how to make the perfect Pita, employee training and scheduling, food ordering and portion control, financial reporting and management.

Operational Support.
Our Operation Manual covers all aspects of The Pita Pit. Our field representatives make frequent visits to evaluate your franchise, make suggestions, and get your feedback.

The Pita Pit concept has been approved by the SBA as a franchise they will fund, so we have aligned ourselves with a national SBA lender which makes being approved for a loan quick and simple. We have also found a company that can set you up to self direct your IRA dollars to invest in your own franchise. This is a tax non-event and a penalty free arrangement that will leave you without a loan payment.

Do you bring:
  • Good health and a high energy level?
  • A full-time commitment to building the business, working hands-on rolling Pitas?
  • A customer focus, willing to keep the store open until 3 a.m., and offer delivery service?
  • Discipline to follow our guidelines?
  • A realistic assessment of your entrepreneurial and management skills or potential?

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