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PostNet Makes the Franchise Gator Top 100 Franchises List

PostNet, a business services franchise, helps small businesses grow by helping them with logistics, branding, and hosted online websites and marketing solutions. They have quickly risen as a leader in the digital marketing and print and logistics industries. With more than 12 percent of adults starting a business, PostNet is the only franchise system ready to provide the support they need.

PostNet was recently selected as a top franchise on the Franchise Gator Top 100 Franchises List.  Their rank was determined based on a number of variables, including financial stability, transparency, and sustainability.

After being selected for inclusion of the Top 100 Franchises list, we sat down with Steven Greenbaum, CEO/Co-Founder of PostNet to talk about his franchise and what sets his franchise apart from others in the same industry.

Talk to about the level of support that franchisees receive from corporate during their opening, as well as once their business is off the ground.

Franchisees receive financial planning/support up front to establish initial financial expectations (business plan/projections) and select lending options. Once approved for financing, they engage in a number of online courses and tools to prepare them for classroom training in Denver (PostNet World Headquarters). 

After classroom training in Denver, we provide on-site training during the opening of the business. We conduct a follow-up training 60 days later on-site and also conduct regional meetings, an annual convention, webinars and provide a variety of ongoing learning opportunities.

Give us a description of your ideal candidate:

PostNet's ideal candidate is a coach, mentor or team builder. They love giving back to others as well as their community, almost as much as building a profitable business. Purpose matters. They typically have sales and/or marketing background (or at least no aversion to it) and like to network, build relationships and drive results for their business and their customers.

What makes you stand out against your competition, and why should someone choose your franchise over other similar franchises?

We are the first and only business of our type. There is no other business uniquely positioned to serve the challenges and needs of small to medium sized business. We created this space and have built a proprietary system to support it, developed with over 30 years of experience in business and franchising. 

PostNet is founder-owned and operated, is free from debt with the exception of the building that houses PostNet World Headquarters, and our combination of culture and values, a unique and distinctive business model and the technology we use to support our business and franchisees, is second to none.

PostNet Neighborhood Business Centers provide outsourced printing, design, shipping and marketing solutions for small and medium sized businesses.

PostNet 01

There are 27 small businesses in the United States and they are spending more on outsourced marketing solutions than ever before. Because of this, the small business marketing support industry, which includes printing, signage, graphic design and marketing consulting, is growing at record rates. PostNet is a leader in this space and has been featured on CBS’s Undercover Boss, exposing our brand to millions. We are a highly ranked and rated franchise worth researching if you enjoy marketing and working with small business owners as a trusted consultant.

A Rewarding Business to Own

PostNet 06

Every day, PostNet franchisee James Cudney gets to help fellow entrepreneurs succeed. As the owner of a PostNet Neighborhood Business Center in Vienna, Virginia, he meets and consults with small business owners and provides them marketing, printing, design, and shipping solutions — key tools that help small business owners connect with customers and grow their businesses.

He loves it. “It has really allowed me to become extremely involved in the community, and I have really dived in,” he says.

PostNet Neighborhood Business Centers serve customers in hundreds of communities in the United States and worldwide. The demand for its services is huge: There are 27 million small businesses in the U.S.

PostNet franchise owners become a hub for the businesses in their community. PostNet provides the outsource support that their customers need, and as our customers grow, we do, too.

What Makes PostNet a Great Franchise to Own?

Entrepreneur Magazine has named PostNet a top franchise opportunity for 21 consecutive years, and the company has also won consistent recognition from Franchise Business Review, which points to the high rankings PostNet franchisees give the brand for franchisee satisfaction.

What drives the enthusiasm? PostNet has a proven business model with strong profit margins that can generate substantial income for franchisees; since we are a business services provider, we are able to maintain sane business hours — so you don’t have to worry about staffing your business 24 hours a day, 365 days a year; the business hours allow PostNet franchisees to have a life outside their business, spending time with friends and family; many PostNet locations operate as family businesses; the B2B nature of the business encourages franchisees spend a lot of time in the community making new friends and clients; and the systems and support offered by PostNet help franchisees build their business into a valuable asset that they can pass along to children or sell for a fair price.

Bill Merwitzer, who owns and managed a PostNet in North Carolina with his wife Eydie, says that when he called franchisees to research the company before becoming a franchisee in 2010, people were “somewhere between ecstatic and blissful.”

PostNet 03

Franchise Support Experts

PostNet is led by its co-founders, CEO Steve Greenbaum and President and COO Brian Spindel, who have been helping entrepreneurs grow successful businesses for more than 30 years. Steve has served as chairman of the International Franchise Association, and Brian is also a leader within the group dedicated to improving the franchise industry and spreading best practices for building successful businesses.

PostNet’s systems utilize those best practices to hold down startup costs, speed up the ramp-up time for new businesses, and ensure that franchisees enjoy running their businesses.

The care that PostNet’s leadership has for its franchisees has been demonstrated in two episodes of the CBS hit show “Undercover Boss,” which introduced millions of viewers to the PostNet brand.

Who Makes a Great PostNet Franchisee?

PostNet 04

The most successful PostNet franchisees are civic-minded and outgoing people who gain fulfillment from working with small business owners, schools and others in their communities — people like Tom Fletcher of Sewell, N.J.

Tom was a senior vice president at Chemical Bank in New York City before the company was purchased by J.P. Morgan. It was the latest in a series of mergers that removed Tom more and more from customers. After 33 years in banking, Tom was ready for a new challenge. “I thought this was madness,” he says, “and I wanted to do something different.”

Tom loves being able to once again connect with small business owners and help them grow. He immediately set out to join the business community in Sewell — and he is now president of the Chamber of Commerce and the local Rotary Club, sits on the mayor’s economic development task force and is the president of his BNI networking group. “People do business with people they know,” Tom says.

Of course, you don’t have to be as involved in the community as Tom to run a successful PostNet. But you need to be comfortable getting out from behind the counter and building relationships in the community. Your services can benefit nearly every business person you meet.

To Learn More About PostNet, Fill Out the Form Below!

PostNet Neighborhood Business Centers is currently accepting inquiries from the following states: Wyoming, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Washington, Vermont, Virginia, Utah, Texas, Tennessee, South Dakota, South Carolina, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, Oregon, Oklahoma, Ohio, New York, Nevada, New Mexico, New Jersey, New Hampshire, Nebraska, North Dakota, North Carolina, Montana, Mississippi, Missouri, Minnesota, Michigan, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Louisiana, Kentucky, Kansas, Indiana, Illinois, Idaho, Iowa, Hawaii, Georgia, Florida, Delaware, Washington, D.C., Connecticut, Colorado, California, Arizona, Arkansas, Alabama, Alaska.

Interested parties should have at least $50,000 in liquid capital to invest.

How To Get Started as a Franchisee

Expert Interview with Steve Greenbaum, Co-Founder and CEO of PostNet, on Getting Started as a Franchisee

When it comes to advice on choosing and running a franchise, it helps to chat with folks who have been in the business for awhile.

PostNet has been part of Entrepreneur's Franchise 500 list for 22 consecutive years, and also consistently wins awards for franchisee satisfaction from Franchise Business Review. The company offers plenty of tools to help their franchisees run a successful printing and shipping franchise; and those tools have been developed and refined for more than 30 years - when PostNet co-founders Brian Spindel and Steve Greenbaum started their first business together.

"We've designed a powerful business model that allows you to get started with a modest investment and build a very strong business," Steve says. "We are also an innovative brand that has embraced technology."

The CEO of PostNet adds that the company has used technology to empower its franchisees and help them get strong support from the headquarters team and from one another, develop new services that keep us ahead of competitors, and allow franchisees to embrace e-commerce, which lets customers place orders and complete sales even when brick-and-mortar locations are closed.

Steve recently checked in with us to share more of his thoughts on what a good franchise opportunity looks like and how new business owners can improve their chances of success. Here's what he had to say:

Tell us about PostNet. What services do you offer? Who should be using them?
Our Neighborhood Business Centers provide convenient printing, shipping, graphic design and marketing solutions for small businesses and for others in the community. We're a full-service printer; we handle everything from business cards and forms to large signs, posters, vehicle wraps and trade show displays. We're also a full-service shipper and work with UPS, FedEx, the U.S. Postal Service and DHL so customers can choose the carrier that works best for them.

PostNet centers are a huge asset for local businesses and organizations. We help business and community leaders develop marketing materials, and can help them put those materials in front of potential customers in a variety of ways, including direct mail and email marketing. These are tasks that can be a huge time-sink for people who aren't experts. Small business owners who have a lot of demands on their time love PostNet, because they know they can hand projects off to us and get excellent results. That frees our clients up to focus on their core strengths, and not get bogged down designing flyers or managing mail lists.

Why do small business owners like companies like PostNet? How do you make their lives easier?
Small business owners often have to split their attention among a lot of tasks and responsibilities. Marketing is a hugely important task for business owners, but many people struggle with it. We make life easier for them by providing a printing partner that can design and produce their marketing materials and business forms, and can even execute some of their marketing campaigns.

Our mailbox and shipping solutions are also invaluable. Our mailboxes allow home-based businesses to establish a professional street address and provide a secure place for them to receive deliveries. Our shipping services allow them to send items to their customers from one place, rather than driving all over town to access multiple carriers.

Ultimately, customers like PostNet because we offer personal service. Our centers are locally owned and operated, and PostNet owners form a tight bond with their clients. We like seeing clients succeed.

For people interested in launching a small business, what are the advantages of franchising?
All successful businesses rely on systems, and systems take time to develop. A lot of entrepreneurs who start independent businesses fumble through a painful, and sometimes fatal, learning curve. Franchises offer entrepreneurs a proven business model with established systems and manuals. If that was all, it would already be a big advantage; but franchises also offer training to new owners and ongoing support to existing owners. As a franchisee, you have someone to turn to when you have questions. You also have a corporate team that is studying the marketplace, refining the business model and working hard to negotiate with vendors on your behalf - all of which helps your business be more efficient and profitable and helps your brand stay strong. Additionally, with PostNet, our franchisees have access to a global network of franchisees to turn to for advice and support.

A strong brand is also a huge benefit for franchisees when they are eventually ready to sell the business. While it may be hard to find a buyer for "Al's Print Shop" or "Bob's A+ Shipping," people shopping for a business are likely to know the PostNet name; and they will appreciate knowing that they will have support to help them master and grow the business.

What considerations do you think prospective business owners should make when considering the type of franchise they should open?
Don't just think about dollar signs. Think about what life is going to be like within the business. Is this a business that is going to demand your attention 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year? If so, are you comfortable making that type of commitment for a decade or longer? One of the things PostNet owners love about their businesses is that we have pretty normal business hours, so owners get to enjoy evenings and weekends with their families. You absolutely need to consider the lifestyle implications of the businesses you are considering.

You should also ask what owners need to do to be successful in the business. For instance, a behind-the-scenes CPA might be great at running a handful of restaurants. They need to track a lot of details, but they don't need to be directly in front of the customer every day. On the other hand, as a PostNet owner it's important to be comfortable meeting with customers either in your Neighborhood Business Center or while networking with small business owners in your community.

Talk to existing franchisees to get their opinions not just about the business, but also about its impact on their lives. You can read some of what our franchisees have to say on our blog at

What do you think are the qualities every savvy small business owner should possess?
You need to be a self-starter who plows past obstacles on your way to accomplishing your goals. Building a business is not easy. There will be challenges. The strongest business owners have a mix of confidence, discipline and humility: confidence that if they work hard they will succeed, the discipline to do the hard work that is necessary, and the humility to ask for help and advice from peers so they don't have to overcome every obstacle alone.

When it comes to franchise options, are all franchises created equal?
No. Some franchises based their business model upon a passing fad. Some have a great business model, but poor systems that make it difficult for franchisees to succeed. Others have a good business model and good systems, but a leadership team that struggles to innovate or to lead. As you evaluate franchises, it is very important to consider the business model and the thoroughness of the systems; and it's just as important to gauge the quality of the people within the organization.

What should prospective franchise owners be wary of when looking into a business? What are red flags that a business might not be worth investing in?
If the business is based on a fad, flavor or trend, be wary. Fads can change very quickly; and for a brand that is narrowly defined and overly associated with a fad, revenues can dry up quickly when the "next new thing" comes along. You should also be wary of franchises in which the franchisees have little input in the direction of the company. Franchisors ultimately make most decisions about the direction of a brand, because it's important for a brand to offer a consistent customer experience. However, franchisors should continually seek out and embrace the input of franchisees, because franchisees are on the front lines working with customers every day. You hear what customers want, and you see how they use the brand; and if a franchisor is not listening to you, then they are not listening to the customer.

On the other hand, what are signs of a good franchise opportunity?
I think a good franchise opportunity targets a broad and sustainable market. PostNet provides solutions for printing, shipping and marketing. Those are three big marketplaces that are as old as the pyramids. The need isn't going anywhere. Similarly, a burger chain like McDonald's doesn't have to worry that Americans are going to stop liking hamburgers in five years. The market is stable, and if you have a strong business model and execute it well, you should succeed.

What are three things every franchise owner should do to ensure the success of their business?
Talk to top performers within your organization and learn what they are doing, then bring those lessons to your business. Get involved with a franchise advisory council to make sure your voice is heard, and stay plugged into the leadership team. You can help steer the future of the brand by sharing your ideas. Finally, take advantage of all the people and resources that are available to you. If you are having difficulty with an aspect of your business, don't feel like you have to deal with it on your own. Your franchisor has a dedicated team of people to help you, and your fellow franchisees are usually eager to help you, too. Ask for help when you need it, and offer help when you can. A lot of people have your back.

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