ProShred Security

Proshred Security Franchise is the Leading mobile shredding service franchise in North America.

Proshred Security Franchise Information:

The Leading mobile shredding service in North America...
...with over 15 years experience protecting manufacturers, health care, professionals, banking, insurance, service industries and governments at all levels.

Proshred Security is a network of business people who operate the Proshred System in their local areas.

The Market
North American businesses generate almost a billion documents every day. Whether it is the largest aerospace manufacturer or a two person accounting firm, the paper burden, much of which is confidential, is growing daily. When it comes time to dispose of that paper, Proshred Security is the fastest, least expensive relief for that burden.

The disposal of confidential material by all methods is a $1.1 billion market every year in North America. In addition, sales of shredding machines for offices account for $100 million a year in North America alone. American business is serious about security.

At the same time, there is the trend for business to contract out services, such as office cleaning, data processing, security and transportation. This puts Proshred Security in the right place at the right time. Responding to both those trends, security and the contracting of services, Proshred Security is a business with a great future.

The People
As a franchise, Proshred Security attracts middle and upper management peoplewho have left the corporate world to be in business for themselves. However they have certain prerequisites that narrow their choice. They are looking to replace their 6 figure incomes; and they are looking to be in control of the growth of their businesses; and they are looking to use the business skills that they have acquired over the years, especially with regard to sales and customer service. In essence, they are looking for Proshred Security.

The Support
With franchising experience that dates back to 1975, the management of Proshred Security has developed the best franchise support system in the world. This revolves around the central service bureau which is operated by Proshred Security as a sales and order desk for all licensees. The service bureau handles the intake of all customer and prospect inquiry calls, passing the results to the licensees via computer communications. This central system saves the licensees thousands of dollars in duplicated services, and assures the licensees that every call to Proshred Security, from anywhere in the nation, is handled efficiently and professionally - every time. Says one of our licensees, The Service Bureau offers exemplary support, and the staff are very well-trained and helpful. The head office is always available to me as a licensee to offer advice, and to help with analysis of sales and performance.

How do I find out more about the Proshred Franchise Opportunity?

In reality, an investment in Proshred Security is an investment in yourself. Using the proven Proshred Security systems for customer acquisition and customer service, you are investing in your own sales and management abilities to be very successful.

Thousands of companies choose Proshred Security
...because it is more economical, more secure and more convenient than using your own shredder, and less risky than out-of-sight services.

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