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Q&A with Holly Owens of ProTect Painters

How was ProTect Painters originally conceived/started?

Part of the Service Brands International family of service franchises. We wanted to add another service-oriented system to our brands which would allow us to capitalize on our 28 years' experience in marketing a service-oriented franchise to time-starved homeowners.

What was your original vision for your company? How has that changed over time?

Our goal is to improve people's lives by helping them with painting and giving them more free time to enjoy their family, devote to their community and or hobbies.  We also want to delight our customers by making their homes more beautiful.

What do you believe is the single most important factor when choosing a franchise?

The right fit.

Why should someone choose your franchise over other similar franchises?

  • Strong marketing program which the home office helps to implement for each franchisee so they can focus on grassroots marketing, their customers and operations.
  • Best in Industry Sales & Technology Center with fully integrated online access and comprehensive reporting and business analysis tools." Well-established support structure at the home office 25+ years of franchise experience from parent company Service Brands International
  • Cross marketing opportunities with other SBI companies (Molly Maid, and Mr. Handyman)
  • You'll become part of a family within a respected professional franchise organization that's known for its integrity and success.

What makes your industry attractive?

The painting industry generates over $40 billion in annual sales, and that's because painting is not an option ... it's a necessity. Every property needs to be painted to preserve and protect its appeal and value.  It's a vast and perpetuating market, but one that is still dominated by "mom and pop" operations. More than ever, there's a demand for a reliable, trusted, national brand that can deliver the consistently high level of service and value that ProTect Painters is known for, with "quality that lasts" backed by a written warranty.

What types of qualities do you look for in potential franchisees?

ProTect Painters franchise owners are good communicators, like meeting with people, and embrace technology.  They have the energy to launch a business, the dedication to build it, and the drive to succeed.  If this sounds like you and you'd like to invest in a service business that provides a true "necessity" to consumers, then come explore our opportunity.  It would be our pleasure to speak to you and to meet you!

What do your franchise fees and royalties cover?

Use of all the ProTect Painters trademarks and marketing programs, a national call center which sets in-home appointments for our owners, a protected  territory, an initial package including laptop and tablet computers, proprietary software systems, printer, marketing materials and clothing. There is also a general marketing fund which owners contribute to and which enables our home office marketing team to execute numerous online marketing programs on behalf of our owners.

 How do territories work for your franchisees?

Each owner is given a protected territory for residential painting. Owners may do commercial painting jobs anywhere; there is no territory restriction for commercial work.

Why has your franchise model been successful?

There is a need for painting, and in a marketplace which is dominated by independents, our owners are professional business people who excel at communicating with the customer, managing the painting crews and obtaining referrals from happy customers. Our marketing program drives leads to our national call center which schedules appointments for our owners.

Where do you see your franchise in 5 years and 10 years?

We will have a national footprint with 200 owners in 5 years.

What is your favorite advice for new franchisees to help them succeed?

Follow the business model, delight the customer and enjoy what you are doing.

What would you tell potential franchisees that may be nervous about the financial burdens of starting a franchise?

Think of it as investment in your family and your future. You are building an asset that will provide the financial rewards for your family, and an asset which you can one day sell.

Can you explain your financial assistance (if applicable)?

We refer candidates to 3rd party vendors.

On average, how long does it take to start a new franchise from the franchisees point of view?

 Our training program is 6 weeks. After that, the owner is ready to open their business and get started.

What was your background and experience before founding this franchise?

We have been in the franchising industry for 28 years and have successfully launched and created numerous service-oriented franchise businesses.

Provide an overview/ description of your industry.  Include reasons why it's a great industry to start a business in today.

ProTect Painters is a professional residential and commercial painting company that, since 1994, has built its reputation on top customer service and exceptional value; and today, in partnership with franchising giant, "Service Brands International", has acquired the financial resources, development expertise, and support network to create the most innovative franchise of its kind.

Describe the ideal candidate.  Do you think your requirements are any different than your competitor's?

Successful owners attract, manage, lead and motivate a team of sub-contractor crews who wield the brushes and deliver the quality ProTect Painters service that the brand is known for. THE OWNER MANAGES THE BUSINESS, SUB-CONTRACTORS DO THE WORK. Existing franchisees are expatriates from corporate America who are capitalizing on their management background and leadership skills to carve out their niche in a booming, yet underserved and fragmented industry.

What's the strongest skill you require in a candidate?   

Management skills

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