At Putt-Putt Golf Courses of America, Inc., we are committed to providing more than the average franchisor.

Putt Putt Golf Franchise Information:

Putt-Putt® was originally based on the premise that miniature golf customers are more entertained by a game that values skill over luck. Almost half a century later, the Putt-Putt concept is successful in both domestic and international locations.

While our core business remains skill-based miniature golf, the Putt-Putt name now stands for much more. Today, many courses also operate one or more of the following attractions:
  • Golf - Putt-Putt® is not a generic term for windmill and clown-face-laden miniature golf. Putt-Putt is a skill based game; every one of our par-two hole designs allow a skillful putter to shoot a hole-in-one.
  • Game rooms - Putt-Putt® game rooms typically feature the hottest video games, a vast selection of redemption games and a prize center kids go nuts for. The scope of a game room depends largely on the site's customer base, and can range from a few high-energy games and simulators to multiple floors of exciting options. Game rooms are a popular course enhancement as they provide a venue for customers during days of inclement weather.
  • Bumper Boats - Putt-Putt® is primarily a summer business, and it can get HOT outside. Some course owners help their guests bump the summer heat with this cool attraction.
  • Batting Cages - Whether the local little league needs a place to practice or customers just want to try their hand at an ultra-fast pitch, batting cages are a home run for our locations.
  • Go-Kart Tracks - Talk about driving the business! Go-karts let customers enjoy the thrill of racing in a controlled environment.
  • Laser Tag Arenas - It's "tag" on a whole new level! Like game rooms, laser tag arenas are a great indoor option for Putt-Putt® owners, and can attract customers even on rainy days. Also, they're a great shot in the arm for birthday parties and groups!
  • TotalPlay™ - Many Putt-Putt® guests are too small to enjoy big-kid rides and attractions. With them in mind, some owners have chosen to install large soft-play gymnasiums that feature slides, plastic ball pits, and other nooks and crannies for hiding and playing.
At Putt-Putt® Golf Courses of America, Inc., we are committed to providing more than the average franchisor. Specifically:
  • Affiliation with the name in miniature golf
  • A brand that has been in existence for nearly half a century
  • A staff of Corporate Office employees who have expertise in each of their fields
  • A strong network of franchisees, many of whom have run successful Putt-Putt® locations for over 20 years
  • An in-house supply division that provides exceptional price and service
  • Franchisee meetings
  • A franchisee Board of Directors that directs how advertising and marketing funds are spent
  • Pre-opening training
  • Training schools for the staff
  • Site selection expertise
  • Financing and construction guidance
  • Complementary attractions that enhance your customers' experience
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Interested parties should have at least $100,000 in liquid capital to invest.