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Relay Transportation Electric Vehicle Franchises:

Providing innovative transportation with a true sense of individuality, Relay Transportation provides sales and rentals of low speed, clean transportation categorized as Neighborhood Electric Vehicles (NEVs) including Segway Human Transporters,electric cars, golf carts and electric scooters. We are the largest and oldest Segway HT dealer and currently the only authorized external Segway service center.

Experience a lifestyle that is coming of age all across America¬Ö.and a ground floor business opportunity like no other. Cutting edge technology. Community based. Clean. Interactive. Environmentally friendly. Unique and.¬Öfinancially lucrative! We offer our customers clean, interactive and environmentally friendly products with a service approach that creates loyalty and repeat business. The rewards our stores offer are not just financial, but also emotional - for our proprietors and their customers!

Coming of Age

Communities are back. People want to live where there are front porches, chatty neighborhoods, open spaces, gardens, and paths. They are willing to pay more to live in these areas and to preserve their charm. Our stores are centered in their communities, both geographically and emotionally. We donate, we participate, we educate. We are the community.

Ground Floor Opportunity

Relay is the first and the only company to offer this unique blend of products with our patent customer and service centered approach. We are offering potential franchisees an opportunity to open their own store location. Stores will provide retail sales and rentals of our diverse product line.

Ideal locations include:
  • your own community
  • resorts
  • tourist destinations
Cutting Edge

Our pledge is to constantly evaluate new technologies and forge new partnerships so that you, our partners, always have the best, the newest, and the most appropriate products to sell.

Community Based

With the help of national studies by well known independent consultants we have identified more than a 1000 communities and resorts where a Relay franchise could thrive - They are in every state and most likely not too far from you right now! They range from intimate resorts to huge communities, each with a character and need of their own. Our team can help match you with a thrilling opportunity in a community that can meet your financial and emotional goals.


Although we do not release financial data, our stores certainly thrive. Our original Relay Store and our franchise model, has grown tremendously from its original home-based business in 1999 to its current thriving operation on the main street of the famous Celebration, FL community from which it grew. We invite you to come down to this store or any of our other ones to witness the revolution in progress!

If you are interested in being a part of the electric vehicle movement, please complete the form below for more information.

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