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Resource Associates Corporation offers you the ability to control your own destiny and grow equity through your own business. Our 27 year history of s

Resource Associates Business Consultants Opportunity Information:

Resource Associates Corporation provides an opportunity for success oriented and qualified individuals to align with a network of independent business owners who use our tools and processes. Through this alignment, they help their clients gain a competitive advantage and are able to document measurable results. If you are looking for an opportunity to control your own destiny and grow equity through your own business while having the benefit of organizational safety net, we should talk!

At RAC, we believe that knowledge by itself is not power; rather, applied knowledge is power. We are dedicated to providing the materials and tools that will guide individuals and companies through the process of creating and building prosperous lives and successful businesses. Our approach is unique, our materials are timely, and our processes are dynamic and results-oriented.

Due to the unique flexibility of our people development, strategic planning and quality processes, our affiliates are able to work with clients ranging from small family owned businesses to Fortune 100 companies. Our tools have also seen great success with the executive or life coaching model as well as youth leadership development.

Enabling youth to make positive life choices

The America's Rising Stars Process is designed to help today's youth develop their personal leadership skills and begin to set goals and directions for their lives beginning at an earlier age. Leadership is essential in enabling youth to develop character, confidence, and values that promote the understanding of healthy behavior.

To help ensure success, we assist our affiliates in creating a business that best fits their background and their goals while still having the structure and support of being part of an organization.

Business Opportunity

RAC provides our Affiliates with the tools, training, and the credibility necessary to foster success. Our success is substantiated by our 27 year history. For many of our affiliates, the combination of results-oriented material, support and a professional network make it possible to show profitability in their business very quickly.

Our belief is that people are our most valuable resource.

Our business is developing, publishing, marketing, and facilitating learning processes designed to maximize that resource.

Our focus is helping people to do more of what they have already been trained to do and help people discover and develop their potential by aligning with organizations to develop cultures where continuous improvement, higher levels of achievement, exceeding customer expectations, and developing customer loyalty prevail.

If helping companies or individuals accomplish positive, measurable results fits your personal values and being in control of your own destiny is important to you, contact us to arrange a personal interview.

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