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Robin Autopilot is the world’s first robotic lawn care franchise. We use proven robot mower technology to deliver a more reliable, affordable, and eco-friendly service. This is a low-investment, low-overhead business with a unique differentiator that’s disrupting a massive $70 billion market. Get in on the Launchpad and ride the rocket with us!

What Does a Robin Autopilot Franchise Cost?

To buy a franchise with Robin Autopilot, you'll need to have at least liquid capital of $0. Franchisees can expect to make a total investment of $54,950 - $130,800. They also offer a discount for veterans. *


Financial requirements for this franchise:

Total Investment: $54,950 - $130,800
What does Total Investment mean?


Options available to franchisees:

Training: Available
Veteran Discount: Yes. A percent off the franchise fee.

Franchisor Details

Facts about this franchise:

Home Office: Dallas, TX
Year Founded: 2015
Franchising Since: 2017

First Robotic Mowing Franchise

Robin AutopilotTM is the world's first robotic lawn care service. Since September of 2016 we’ve been combining proven robot mower technology with highly-professional human crews to create a more Eco-friendly, Reliable and Affordable lawn care experience.

Over the past 20 years, more than 1,000,000 robotic mowers have been sold in Europe, and robots will soon dominate the U.S. landscaping market. However, the robots require professional installation and maintenance, and U.S. consumers rely on landscapers for more than just mowing. They need a full-service approach.

That’s why we install robots to handle the regular mowing and then regularly send human crews for trimming, edging, weeding, and other yard care needs. The result is a higher quality, more reliable service for less than most people pay now. It’s a low initial investment, low overhead model with high margins due to the decreased labor costs.

Our Business Model

A robotic mower is installed at a customer’s home. The robot handles the repetitive mowing, while human crews come out periodically to take care of the edging, trimming, weeding and other yard care needs. Our customers never have to worry about an overgrown yard and our crew members can focus their talents on higher-value, higher-margin activities.

This is a recurring revenue service. Customers’ cards are automatically charged a set monthly fee based on their level of service and size of their property. Because of the robots, the price can be less than they’d pay traditional landscaping services while receiving higher-quality, more reliable service.

Why Robotic Mowing?

Massive change is coming to the $70 billion U.S. landscaping market. More than 1 million robotic mowers are already safely operating in Europe and the United States is next. Our franchisees are uniquely positioned to benefit from this shift toward more reliable, eco-friendly, lower-cost robotic mowing.

  • Huge existing landscaping market of $70 billion, including millions of residential lawns
  • Traditional customer experience is archaic and unreliable with checks left under doormats and crews that don’t show up
  • Robotic mowers are proven technology in Europe but only just now entering the U.S.
  • Robots will win because they:
    • Are reliable, never skip a day of work and even mow in the rain
    • Cost less due to automation
    • Are quiet enough to mow at night—no more disruptions for napping kids or conference calls
    • Produce greener, healthier lawns due to frequent cutting and tiny clippings that fertilize the turf
    • Are emission-free, reducing as much pollution as taking 2 cars off the road!

Why Choose Robin?

Robin Autopilot is by far the most experienced operator of robotic mowers in the United States. Our franchisees benefit from both our unmatched experience and the wave of robot adoption across the country.

  • Ground-floor access to disruptive technology and a services model that we pioneered in the U.S.
  • Fast startup and expansion model, with low overhead and fixed expenses
  • Monthly subscription business with recurring revenue
  • Proven marketing and PR approach that’s generated local and national press such as Shark Tank, CBS This Morning and TechCrunch features.
  • Proprietary processes and technology built from the ground up to manage a robotic lawn service, including our patent-pending robot door for fences
  • Exclusive equipment supplier relationships that include special pricing and financing
  • Home-based model with low investment and low-overhead
  • A scalable annuity business with just a couple employees
  • Flexible schedule

Our Experience

Since September of 2016, Robin Autopilot has been the only full-service robot lawn care company in the market. Launched in Dallas, Texas, we quickly reached 200 robots installed during our first season. Word quickly spread through national appearances on CBS, ABC and other major networks, and local newspapers and TV stations as well. We’ve encountered and solved challenges such as fenced in backyards, sidewalk and driveway crossings, and common sources of wire breaks. We’ve tested robots from every major manufacturer and with Robin Autopilot you gain the benefit of our knowledge and experience-based process.

  • Field-tested processes and identified robotic mower models that deliver consistently
  • Manufacturer relationships enable us to provide mowers at a low monthly purchase cost
  • Patented robot door technology allows robots to move through fences while keeping pets and kids secure
  • Custom GPS tracking and insurance to prevent losses due to theft
  • Invested more than $1 million in the Robin Aviator technology platform custom-built for customer signup, billing, crew scheduling, robot inventory management, etc.

Training & Support

Our number one mission is to build a thriving community of franchise owners. We achieve this by putting Franchise Owners First, starting with our robust training and support program, systems and tools. We begin with 5 days of initial franchise training at our headquarters. During that time we spend 3 days in the classroom focused on marketing, technology, budgeting, and the tools you need to run a successful business. We then spend 2 days in the field installing robots, fence doors, and executing maintenance. Following training at the Robin’s Nest HQ, we then spend 3 days in your territory with you. Ongoing training classes will be hosted throughout the year via live webinars, conference calls and online programs. In addition to our training program, you also benefit from:

Marketing – we have a proven mix of digital, print and customer referral programs to help you acquire customers, with a brand that is memorable and a product that generates its own PR.

Operations – Our manuals and technology system contain processes and checklists that ensure reliable, high-quality service for customers and less headaches for you.

Technology – Our custom-built platform enables you to manage your business, including job schedules, customer billing, inventory management, and more.

Leadership – We are here to support you every step of the way, from our CEO to every member of the organization. Your success is our priority.

Supporting our franchise owners is the backbone of our success and we look forward to working with you throughout the lifecycle of your business.

Ideal Candidate

Franchisees are the backbone of Robin Autopilot, responsible for upholding our brand's commitment to quality. Our reputation is built through thousands of customer interactions and franchisees are on the front-lines ensuring customer's are delighted with their service.

Owning a Robin Autopilot franchise is hard work. It is not for the meek, but if you have what it takes then it's a truly rewarding mission. Here are just a few of the traits that our ideal candidates possess:

  • You have GRIT. Succeeding as an entrepreneur requires high energy, internal drive and an indomitable spirit.
  • You have an ability to motivate people while also holding them accountable.
  • You're not afraid of hard work and are willing to get your hands dirty. Our franchisees lead from the front, installing robots and getting their hands dirty alongside their teams.
  • You're looking for a full-time, hands-on opportunity to build your own business.
  • You possess high standards of excellence with a focus on results. Good enough is not good enough for you. Your aim is not customer satisfaction, it's delighting customers.
  • You possess solid people skills and a willingness to sell. People love to talk about robots but sales requires not being afraid to ask for their business.
  • You're a military veteran. We appreciate your service and also recognize the skills developed in the armed forces create a solid foundation for franchisees. Ask about our special military programs.
  • You are NOT a residential maintenance landscaper. We're looking for people new to the industry or those with affiliated businesses such as irrigation, lawn treatment, or other non-mowing services. Landscapers with residential mowing services would need to sell their existing business before they could own a Robin Autopilot franchise.

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Robin Autopilot


Robin Autopilot is currently accepting inquiries from the following states:

* This information may have changed since first published. We recommend that you always verify fees, investment amounts, and offers with the business opportunity directly prior to making a decision to invest.

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