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Sandy Deck's Parties Franchise Information:

A Fun-Filled Opportunity
The desire to create fun filled, creative parties for children was the inspiration for Sandy Deck's Parties®. The enormous demand for this service necessitated the evolution from home parties, to a storefront operation, to multiple locations and it is now being offered as a Franchise opportunity for you. Since we began offering franchises in October of 2003, we already have 45 units opened or in development.

The initial business began in 1985 and the first Sandy Deck's Parties® location opened in 1995. All good business ventures are a result of filling a need, and that is exactly what Sandy Deck's Parties® has brilliantly accomplished. With three of Sandy Deck's self-owned locations and a competent staff, one can see the rewards of having the best parties in the Tri-State area. From this concept, Sandy Deck's Parties® has realized immediate and tremendous success with continuous profitability.

"We Supply Everything," the slogan for Sandy Deck's Parties®, is an understatement. There is nothing the client has to do or supply except a camera. The highly trained staff at Sandy Deck's Parties® expertly orchestrates everything that is needed. This includes invitations, set up, games, activities, food, party favors, supplies, and even the clean up. This is not your average stereotypical birthday party. Sandy Deck creates parties as unique as your children. The children love these parties, and their parents are able to take time out, to join in and share in the party experience. Parents and children celebrate while the Sandy Deck's Parties® staff does all the work.

Let the Fun Begin
What is the concept of Sandy Deck's Parties®? For one thing, it is a remarkable business opportunity. Beyond that, it is a service built on customer relationships, which result in continuous repeat business. More importantly, it is about those loveable, adorable creatures called KIDS. Meeting the needs of our children today is an ever-growing challenge. Many households have both parents working and quality time is hard to find. Yet, parents want the best for their children. Planning parties takes time and a lot of coordination. At Sandy Deck's Parties®, it is all done for you. Sandy Deck's Parties® is the "party-place" of the future.

Sandy Deck and Me
Sandy Deck\'s Parties has now added a new program to the system; which will utilize store space when parties are not going on. Sandy Deck and Me®(Mommy and Me program for toddlers under 3) classes will enhance socialization and development skills to prepare children for pre-nursery and nursery classes. These classes focus on music, art, bubble fun, sand tables and all things that stimulate the little ones.

A Solid Franchise Opportunity
If you like people and love kids, then this is the right franchise for you. This concept has been refined through the years and now is being offered as a solid franchise opportunity. With Sandy Deck's experience, dedication to creative, fun and imaginative parties, Sandy Deck's Parties® has proven itself to be a solid business venture. No prior business experience is needed; everything you need to know is explained in detail for you. Nothing is left to chance.

Demand for Service
In your pursuit for a successful business, you need to consider what the trends are. The trend and demand is for service. Service oriented businesses are definitely the wave of the future. Building good customer relationships is not only a necessary part of the Sandy Deck's Parties® concept; it is the most important part of establishing a large satisfied customer base, which encourages future business. THIS IS AN UNPRECEDENTED BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY.

Attitude permeates every business decision. The attention you will receive from your working relationship with Sandy Deck's Parties® will ensure a smooth transition into your new franchise. Sandy Deck's Parties® is dedicated to supporting existing franchises, helping them to be as successful as possible. From it's inception, Sandy Deck's Parties® has been a labor of love. This pride of ownership will be reflected in all future franchises. You and your staff will be working in an atmosphere that is rewarding and exciting. Every day is a party at Sandy Deck's Parties®!

No Limits
Do not think just birthday parties--think celebrations! Do not limit your parties to your "party-place." Think fun, special locations, i.e. private homes, picnic grounds, restaurants, or even on a boat! There are no limits to this franchise opportunity. Just open your imagination to the party possibilities.

Franchise Support
Site Location Assistance

Our team will evaluate your site selection using our site location criteria. It takes strategic planning to ensure your location will bring you a continuous flow of traffic. We will offer recommendations on your location based on the type of facility you choose. Considerations are demographics, population density, traffic flow, and ease of access and proximity of other similar businesses.

Facility Design
We offer site design support to help you achieve the utmost proficiency in utilizing the available floor space. You will be shown fun, inviting, and eye appealing designs, which capture the warmth and charm of Sandy Deck's Parties®. The store will be inspected to ensure that the construction and equipment are in accordance with Sandy Deck's Parties® specifications.

Sandy Deck's Parties® provides in-depth, comprehensive, on-the-job training and follow-up support so that you stay on top of the latest party themes and activities. The training will consist of six days in the classroom coupled with hands-on experience in the actual party environment. You and your staff will be ready to open your Sandy Deck's Parties® franchise with the utmost confidence after this proficient training.

The Basics
Before you open your Sandy Deck's Parties® franchise, you will have a complete understanding of the basics as listed below:

Store Basics
  • Customer Orientation
  • Service Standards
  • The Customer Experience
  • Food Handling
  • Safety and Cleanliness
  • Pricing
  • Store Layout/Design
  • Store Operating Routines
Types of Products and Services
  • Basic Parties
  • Basic Party Routines
  • Party Options
  • Activity and Game Instructions
  • Selling Method/Service Policy
Advertising and Promotion
  • Directory Advertising (Yellow Pages)
  • Print Media/Flyers
  • In-Store Promotions
  • Mailing List
  • Inventory Management
  • Cash Management
  • Personnel and Employment

Operational Support
You will be provided with a detailed operations manual that identifies every phase of the day to day business and management of your Sandy Deck's Parties® franchise. This manual will emphasize the customers' perspective; it is the most important tool you will need to generate repeat business.

One of the keys to your success is effective marketing and advertising. You will be given proven advertising campaigns that have successfully attracted new customers. A complete advertising, marketing and direct mail package will be given to all franchisees. We will offer you additional public relations ideas and work with you on planning your Grand Opening.

Sandy Deck's Parties® has become a family tradition in many neighborhoods. Join this growing service business and start a family tradition in your immediate and surrounding neighborhoods today. Where else can you find an enjoyable and rewarding business opportunity based on one continuous party?

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