Scales 'N Tails Franchising LLC

What Does a Scales 'N Tails Franchising LLC Franchise Cost?

Cash Required:$50,000
Net Worth Required:$100,000
Total Investment:$75,000 - $350,000

Franchisor Details

Total Units:8
Year Founded:1996
Specialty Retailer of The Year

About Us

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Scales N Tails, Inc. opened its first store in Northglenn, CO in September of 1996. After 16 years of working with the animals we all love, we are proud to have Six locations along Colorado's Front Range. Every single member of our team is a true animal lover, and that love, along with a strong commitment to our customers is the primary reason for our success. Whether it is a snake, lizard, turtle, frog, sugar glider, of hedgehog, Scales N Tails is the go to place for all of your exotic pets needs. One step into our stores and it becomes obvious that you are in a place "Where Reptiles Rule!" We carry a full line of live feeders, along with canned/dry food, any and every product needed to give your exotic pet a full and happy life. Our huge animal selection cannot be matched by any other local store and some of our animals are seldom seen in the pet trade. With competitive prices and knowledgeable employees to help even the most inexperienced pet keeper be successful, Scales N Tails, Inc. is truly your one stop reptile shop!

Why Us

In the 16 years we have been in business we have seen many independent reptile/exotic pet stores come and go. This segment of the pet industry is truly not for beginners. To be successful one must have superior knowledge of the products and animals, spend a great deal of time and capital on marketing and advertising, and go to great lengths to keep customers happy and wanting to return. Keeping the customers happy involves providing them with a quality product at a fair and competitive price, marinating a full line of live feeders, and sharing knowledge and expertise to ensure they become successful reptile keepers. We have spent years working on these issues so that our franchisees do not have to. They automatically gain access to our well-known and trusted brand, our wealth of animal knowledge, and our vendor relationships that allow Scales 'N Tails stores to buy the best products at the best prices. Many more will come and go, but Scales 'N Tails will remain and expand, it has been proven time and time again.

Training & Support

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Prior to you commencing operation of your Scales 'N Tails Business, we (or our designee) provide the following assistance and services to you:

  1. Initial training program at our facilities and a Scales 'N Tails Business location.
  2. Grand opening training and support program.
  3. Selection assistance with suppliers of pets, products, equipment.
  4. Operations Manual
  5. Marketing materials
  6. Ongoing support

Ideal Candidate

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We're looking for Franchise Owner/Operators with a passion for working with people and animals. A person who understands that success requires hard work and commitment to the business. Marketing, management, and leadership skills are a plus. Building and maintaining working relationships with staff, customers, and vendors are key factors to success. Animals require dedication and constant care and this is an environment where there is always something to do. As is true for most things, you will get out however much you decide to put in.

Request Information

Request Information
Please Note:

Scales 'N Tails Franchising LLC is currently accepting inquiries from the following states: Wyoming, Nevada, New Mexico, Colorado, Arizona.

Interested parties should have at least $50,000 in liquid capital to invest.

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