ScrImage Men's Only Fitness & Gym Franchise Information:

What is ScrImage?
Statistics show that men have higher health risk factors than women. This is because women receive more regular check-ups than men. Men believe they are invincible or they simply don't make the time for check-ups. As a result men are walking bombs, that if detonated, will release a devastating shockwave to all those who are close and dear. ScrImage is the battering ram that breaks the no time barrier. ScrImage allows men to reduce their risk factors in a club that's close to their homes and provides quick results in only 30-minutes, 3 days a week.

About the Name
Men understand that Image is everything. This is why we decided to remove one of the m's in the word Scrimmage (the practice game or the game before the game). By removing an m we could emphasize the word image. At ScrImage we know that how a man sees himself is very vital to every aspect of his life. That's why every component of this concept is designed to inspire men to play to win, practice for life and exercise their will to win.

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